Sunday, August 31

The Baggy Tee

We decided it was good to start with documenting some of our individual styles - the styles and shapes that we wore often, daily even, for instance when we still went to school. This was an easy look for school - the baggy tee+short skirt. This tee is Rachel's, which she had gotten from HongKong. I absolutely love the sort of off-white feel it has, with the random bird designs placed across.

This was a new tee I had gotten for my boyfriend. I absolutely love it. And it's comfortable, like wearing nothing at all. Such soft cotton! The grey ripped scarf belongs to Rachel. I think it adds just enough detail to make the whole outfit both come together and remain interesting.

Snips and Coffee (and the Tribute to Carl)

So I used to have long hair. And it had a streak of pink and a streak of blue (which you can no longer see)

Then I cut it, for various reasons. And got it made more blue, which you still can't really see either.
By the way, my name is Hui. And the girl in the photo below, is called Rachel. She's mainly the one who takes pictures. Because she's better at it. She also loves Carl from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force - hence the tribute outfit of a white ribbed singlet, jeans and those bright green havaiannas.

The Tribute to Carl ♥ Doesn't she look lovely?

Friday, August 22

Under Construction

Coming soon. ;)
Our first shoot will commence this weekend.
We are very excited.
Love to all.