Friday, January 30

Calling In Slick

I am truly sick of my bangs - they're tickling my face like there's no tomorrow. And yes, I'm still having a terrible day. This old picture captures all the disgruntled-ness I am feeling. Although, I will say I love that little blue-ish green wisp of hair sticking out at the side. It was a pleasant surprise.

I am also debating whether to incorporate by love for Bill Kaulitz on here. We'll see. He's quite the fashion icon. ♥

Je Suis Une Femme Partagée

I've been feeling down recently. You know, those days where you see other things and wish you had them. You see other people and you wish you were them. You see other people and you wish you had them. You see what other people do and you wish you could be doing that to.

Sigh. I shouldn't start on one of those "broken dreams" type of posts. Those are reserved for the more private journals I guess. In any case, I received a little cheer in chancing upon this lovely bag from the lovely Lanvin. It's called the Happy Partage Bag. It's such a delicate pop of colour. Bubblegum pink. It's a colour I don't like to admit that I like, but it seems I do love it very, very much. Like when I saw the Balenciaga Day Bag in bubblegum? An instant desire to shoplift surged through my soul.

Ah well. I look forward to the next up once this down is over!

Wednesday, January 28

Happy Miu Year

Dear Rachel,

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope that you have collected a great many red packets. You know, those little traditional Chinesey things where we stuff money in little red envelopes...I hope you got plenty of those!

Why, you may ask. Well, it's to buy me more presents for the new year of course! And you'd better buy it soon because we have only, what, 12 of the 15 days left in our Chinese New Year celebrations? This Miu Miu Coffer Two Way Bag in Rosso would be the perfect addition to my CNY wardrobe. Especially as I still might have some visiting to do. After all, it's shape is casual, functional, structured, yet slouchy. The colour is bright, but not an eyesore. It's got a signature shape without screaming labels or monogrammes. It has double strap options, which you know I always love. And although it's in ruched calf leather and not patent leather, it's shiny enough to pass of. In fact, I kind of like this semi-shiny, semi-cracked leather look. Works for me.

So thank you! May the heavens of Chinese New Year open up and rain their red packets of blessings upon you! May the trees of the Lunar New Year blossom like a flourishing tree, showering upon you its bright red petals of wealth into your palms.

Thank you, Rachel. For this marvellous little Miu Miu gift. I didn't think you could top the Miu Miu Bow-Front flats you were going to get me. But it looks like you are going to! :D

This is what friends are for, ladies and gentlemen.

Eagerly awaiting the Miu Miu this New Year (and with lots of love for you of course),

Sunday, January 25

Moon Liver

Thank you, our dear regular readers, for still stopping by despite our accidental hiatus and for still tolerating our never-ending madness. (Okay, so it's just me who's insane). In any case, Rachel and I will probably be even more away from the blog, at least for this week as we partake in our Chinese Lunar New Year festivities. This year, is the Year of the Ox and it so happens that Rachel and I are both Year of the Ox babies. So a big moo from us to all!

Tonight is the eve of the Lunar New Year in which we eat a glorious meal of delicious dinner. And in my house at least, we always have the steamboat - which is basically a sort of big hot pot kept hot by charcoal and you cook your own food in it, resulting in a mightily delicious broth at the end of the night. Food for cooking include, all sorts of veggies, tofu, mushrooms, beef, pork, chicken, fish, liver, kidney, cuttlefish, scallop, squid, prawns...need I explain how the delicious broth comes about at the end of all this? Obviously, not. *drools*

Here's a little festive greeting from me to all of you. You must know that any sort of whacked-up cracked-out looking photoshopping, is done by me. In the words of a colleague of mine who happens to be a photoshop-whiz, I am learning how to use photoshop the "street" way, i.e. just going at it blindly. So, there you have it, the moon has turned again!

Wednesday, January 21

Alma Matters

I am more than terribly sorry that I've not been around these days to post. I haven't even had time to read a lot of your wonderful blogs and for that, I apologise as well. However, I chanced upon this today and simply had to put it up here.

I love shiny things. I love crazy colours that pop. I love shiny crazy popping colour things. Oh yeah, and I love the shape of the Alma bag that Louis Vuitton has. So what more a bag that combinese all these fun elements that I absolutely adore? When I worked at Vuitton that one month or so, I remember it was some Alma anniversary or something and we all had to memorise the history of the Alma and all sorts of things about it - what it was named after, how to describe it's shape, the different limited edition forms that it took... Countless pieces of information! Which I have since forgot, but I'm sure they can be unearthed easily on the web.

Anyway, enough talk. I present to you, the Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma in Rose Pop and Bleu Galactic. I am so crazy in love with them you wouldn't believe it. I haven't felt such love for Vuitton merch in a long while.

Friday, January 16

How Will I See This Through?

Dear Rachel,

I am having a terrible time at work because I have just been given an awful assignment, right in the middle of some other assignments. It really isn't the best thing when your former teacher is your boss. Because I think the fear you feel doubles and the power he/she has doubles. I want to tear my hair out and scream, I want to throw my cellphone into the sea, I want to drown my body in a bathtub of wine. This is one of the greatest obstacles and frustrations yet. And I don't know how I'm going to face them.

How can you help me see this through? To conquer this mountain? To cross this hurdle? How will you make me smile again? How will you keep those angry tears from flowing? How will you make me want to take care of myself again? How will you help me stop abusing myself by not taking care of my skin and hair? How will you stop me from giving up completely and dressing like I have no hope left in life?

The answer is simple, with this sheer Orb Flock Shirt from Vivienne Westwood Red Label. I know it's rather see-through but if you notice how it folds, you realise you could actually go bra-less in a top like this. And I'm sure you know by now, I am all for not wearing bras. It just feels more comfortable and on some days, it actually helps with feeling skinny and sexy. Look at how smart it can look when matched with the right bag (which was the Ebury bag I had pointed out a couple of posts ago), grey skinnies and a lovely fitted jacket, also from Vivienne Westwood Red Label. In this other picture here, you can see how the haphazard layering and draping of the sheer cloth really protects the front, which makes bra-lessness a truly feasible option. Furthermore, I always hate seeing the lines of bras and such stick out from sheer blouses, especially sheer patterened blouses. Unless you had some cute lingerie to show off, I find the straps and hooks and all those bits of the bra rather an eyesore.

So dear Rachel, since you know what's good for me. Please do what's good for me, and buy this aforementioned blouse. You know how I'm a real fan of Ms Westwood's designs. I am having such a bad day. This would be an instant shot of relief.

I know you are a true friend. And I thank you, from the top and bottom of my heart (which has over-beat from stress).

Lots of love, confetti and grease-lathered Parisian pompiers,

Thursday, January 15

Take A Bowie

This picture is copyrighted I think and if you own it and are upset I've used it, I'll take it down without hesitation. But it was too gorgeous not to post, so I hope you don't feel too upset.

Well, at least for me he does. He looks just like the Edward Cullen that I have always pictured when I read the Twilight books. This is as close to my own Edward as it gets. Okay, apart from that Topman model a couple of years back. I think I still have his picture somewhere...

Why this random picture of David Bowie, you may ask. Apart from the fact that I think he is the human symbol of sex, the only link to fashion would be his crazy outfit choices and that he is married to the very beautiful Iman, who is needless to say, dazzling in her own right. She is also host of Canada's Project Runway, if I am not mistaken.



Wednesday, January 14

Grin And Alber

"A woman told me that every time she wears Lanvin, men fall in love with her.

I just had to make a post about this delightful quote that could only come from an Alber Elbaz interview. Is it not true? When I look at a woman and spot some Lanvin on her, I too fall in love with her! And as for that woman to have said that to him, what a blessed woman she is. I can't wait for the day where I can claim to have experienced this quote as well. (Even though I already have someone very much in love with me already. :p Hello love!)

And what is a Lanvin post, without a Lanvin dress?

Spring 2006 RTW, one of my favourite Lanvin shows because there were acrylic flowers in their hair! :)

So Sue Me

Here's a beautiful picture of Mollie Sue from ANTM Cycle i-don't-know who was at some ANTM event. She is one of the rare few ANTM models who is savouring some REAL success but very quietly. I heard she scored Vogue somewhere or something. In any case, I am loving her sharp look. Such a quiet anger radiates from that severely cut fringe, the stony eyes and the architectural lipstick. A stunning face, to say the least.

Well we've gotten a few really well-thought out responses to our first HWYWI? post and in our response post which I hope to do up soon, I will try my best to incorporate some of the looks and ideas from all your suggestions. :)

Rachel has been busy with school and I've been busy trying to skive from work. Not a trait I'm proud of but not skiving would mean losing my sanity and since I'm already insane I don't have much to lose actually but well, no one's taking anything from me without asking.

I can't wait to show you my two new purchases. I've not gotten round to figuring out what to do with them yet or how to showcase them yet but it'll happen. Sorry for the lack of posts and for not visiting a lot of your blogs. I will catch up soon!

Love, love, love all around. ♥

Saturday, January 10


Not to worry, our lovely lovelies! Our title is not some kind of html error with strange alphabets and symbols. What it is, is in fact, the start of our How Would You Wear It? series! We don't profess to be the best dressed people in the world, and we can only dream of being half as unique as some of the greatest fashion icons in the world. This means we are fashion mortals - With certain ensembles, we win some, we lose some. When presented with certain items of clothing or an accessory, we know some and we don't know some. This is where you, our wonderful friends and readers come in. We know you have scoured the blogverse and have seen some of the amazing things people have pulled out of their closets and put on themselves. We know some of you have some awesome ways of dressing up and some real kooky concepts that we absolutely adore. Hence, my loves, let us begin! With the very first post in our HWYWI? series. On to #1!

What:Almost-knee-high black suede boots with a slight heel
From?:A hand-me-down from my aunt but comes from a brand called Stephane Kélian, Paris. She got it from Barneys about 10 years ago.

What are the issues?:
1) They aren't zip up boots, which makes wearing them over even my tightest, skinniest jeans kind of a problem.
2) Without jeans/pants, the only options I have left are wearing them with tights or just bare-legged, of which the latter makes me feel a little bit on the skanky side. That is certainly a look I hope I never have.
3) The suede also tends to make any outfit just look a little too formal. So it seems casual wear is out of the picture.

Here is a picture of me showcasing the full height of the boots and the potential skanky effect it might have. Although I should add that I am sans pants in this picture.

So dear readers, the question I present to you is, how would you wear it? How would you make it such that pants could be an option? Any alternative pants types/materials you would suggest? How also can I go bare-legged with these boots without looking like a pre-Richard Gere Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? How would lighten the look of these boots? And wear it in a fun, casual wear? How would you make an essentially 'wintry' type boot, suitable for a casual spring or summer look?

Here is what it looks like with pants. Ignore the kooky face which I hid unsuccessfully behind my shades.

Do feel free to make collages, write descriptions and make any kind of suggestions on your own blog if it's too troublesome to answer it all here. Be sure to leave a link and I will link back to your blog in our response post!

We hope you guys will have fun responding to this post♥ We are very nervous about it. Haha. :p

Friday, January 9

Still Hooked On Cellophane

Pictures courtesy of Weishan

We are sorry for the lack of posts dearies! Rachel and I are on an accidental mental hiatus for various reasons such as school and work but for me, it's mainly because I am still hungover from what was possibly the best gig of my life. Yes, Rachel and I (and some of our dearest friends as well) went to see the more-than-delightful, perceptively poetic, vocally flawless and impeccably charming Canadian band, Stars perform at the Esplanade. It was quite possibly the best musical experience I have ever had.

In any case, we have many new topics and things that we will be blogging about soon. For starters, I will be making a new little segment in this blog called How Would You Wear It? or HWYWI? for short. The first feature will involve some suede, some leg, and a whole lot to boot. :p Also, I will be showcasing some latest purchases of which I am very excited about. And I mean, very excited. *does a little jump*. We will also be answering some of the questions we've gotten such as when Chinese New Year is and also maybe a little bit about my dance background! ♥ *waves at La C*

Not forgetting, also, the continual abuse I will give to Rachel in forcing her to buy me more things. In fact, I had to use her credit card just last night for one of those personally very exciting purchases I was talking about. She is a very sweet girl. And I thank her for always showering me with gifts, money and just overall liberty in terms of using her credit card. I love you Rachel. ♥♥♥

And all my love to everyone as well! :)

Tuesday, January 6

Making Headway

I am having a terrible migraine at work. I have also recently been itching to try new ways to create/wear hair or head pieces. So, chancing upon this beautiful piece by Hussein Chalayan SS 09, brought great relief to my tired, strained mind as well as some amazing ideas. I wish to heavens I was bold enough to play around with headpieces a little more.

What have you worn in your hair today?

Monday, January 5

Jewelled Rings and Fuschia Things

Dearest Hui,

Sorry for the late reply. As you know, I've begun my very demanding masters course in Speech and Language Pathology and don't know how much time I will have to write you from now on :(((. On the plus side, we are both now on NUS grounds! For my absence, here's a piece of Edward Cullen fanart which I found randomly. I hope it does well to replace me.

The Bagues Ancolia is indeed an exquisite piece. You are right, that drop is outstandingly subtle. It really does belong on your graceful, delicate finger. I shall look into steali- purchasing it for you as soon as I can.

I would like to clarify that I never said I'd buy you the Miu Miu Bow-Front Flats, or any shoes for that matter. I merely indicated that I would entertain the thought, because it was Christmas and because their colour was so pretty. If you would like, I could paint your feet pink. I think that is something I can much better afford.

Sexy glances back atcha,

Dior Carnivores

Dear Rachel,

I've been having a harrowing day at work. I need something to cheer me up. As I know you care for me immensely, I know you would acede to my every request. I know you would easily buy me a spot of tea or even a bouquet of flowers to spruce up my desk. However, I can make my own tea and I don't like fresh flowers, for various reasons.

So why not get the next best thing? Consider this: I love rings. And I'm currently trying to find that thumb ring you gave me because I think it slipped off so I'm rather down about that. Yes, so I love rings, and different kinds of jewels make different girls happy. Secondly, I love beautiful names. With a collection themed around Carnivorous Flowers and aptly named Milly Carnivora, I have undisputedly fallen in absolute love. Furthermore, I am a huge fan of the crazily creative and beautiful Victoire de Castellane who designs for Dior Haute Joaillerie. So to have such delightful, exquisite and out-of-this-world pieces from her, I cannot think of a better way to brighten my day.

Take for instance one of my favourites - and if you saw the whole collection you would realise picking a single favourite is virtually impossible - which you can see in the picture above, called the Bagues Ancolia. How can I resist the strangely attractive clash of colours? Or that delicate, nearly-missable pale pink drop of venom? And the almost too-bright but intoxicating green hoop that makes up the body of the ring? One ring like that could match all my coloured eye-liners, one of which I will feature on here soon. Just look at those delicious blue petals, the glorious twirls in its shape. There are too many wonderful things to relish in this ring alone. One ring like that could help all my black outfits pop. One ring like that would provide the perfect accent to a flawless, glossy black manicure.

It certainly is tempting me. It makes me want to eat it up. Its carnivorous nature is causing my own ravenousness for it. Its poison sings like Bella's blood sings for Edward. Won't you satisfy my lust for this jewelled meat?

With lots of love and sexy glances,

P.S. Here's another angle in which to view it, you can see the lovely position of that drop. How outstanding! And yet, so delightfully subtle!

Friday, January 2

Miuccia Gracias

Dear Rachel,

Yes, the title is a bad play on words for thank you in Spanish. But oh well, we are linguists at heart and idiots in brain, so I know you will forgive me as swiftly as a swallow flies. Remember my little colour request that I made on here? In which you replied so sweetly with the some lovely suggestions?

Well I'm sure you do remember. Now with such a post, won't I need to do some follow-up? Make a choice? Take a pick? And a choice I have a made, a pick I have taken, and lo and behold, I have decided that yes, you should get me the Miu Miu Bow-Front Flats. I think they pop just the right way and would be perfect for Chinese New Year Celebrations that are just around the corner. Furthermore, I like that even though they pop, they are incredibly simple and therefore terribly chic. That bow in the front adds just the right oomph without making it too hrmmmph, if you know what I mean from my onomatoepoeia.

So, yes, Rachel, I accept your offer of buying me the Miu Miu Bow-Front Flats. I think they are a great idea and I couldn't be more happy with this suggestion. Furthermore, you have always been aware that I've been looking for the absolute perfect pink shoe. This would probably be it. Well done, Rachel, and thank you very much. You are a true friend indeed. ♥

Lots of love and pink hearts,

Thursday, January 1

Flowers, Lipstick and Light

I am still amazed at how these turned out. The lighting came from a little reading lamp by my bedside, but the effect is almost surreal. Throw in some fake flowers and those vivacious lips of Hui's and you have a touch of magic. Well, this is just a result of us messing about. I hope you lovelies like it!

It's 2009 everyone! Best wishes ahead. ♥

Plus One

With lots of love,
Rachel & Hui