Tuesday, May 19

I've Given Up

Dear Friends,

It was great getting to know you.

Dear Rachel,

It was fun while it lasted.

But I think it's time I stopped fooling myself.

This is the end of Releasing The Tension, it seems it's all been released. :)


Sunday, May 17


I'm still very, very and by very I mean, very sick. Being "under the weather" is putting it very mildly.

The good thing about being sick is - I've not been to work in days. Less of my workplace is always a good thing.

Anyhoots, here is another Taipei shot of my newly chopped and dyed(?) hair, my lovely Prada butterflies and my blue nails in a random streetsnap by one of the gang on our trip to Taipei.

*sniff* *hack* *cough*

Hope everyone's doing better than I am. ♥

Friday, May 15

On Hold

I fell terribly sick in Taiwan, and fell even sicker upon returning home.

Blogging will resume when depression and disease lift.

Meanwhile, enjoy this blurry pic of my latest addition to my Moschino t-shirt collection. (Yes, I began collecting Moschino tees about four or five years back. It's a hobby that makes me very happy.) I bought it just a week before my trip to Taipei and wore it to our first night out clubbing in Taipei.

I hope to be back in better health and spirit soon.

Friday, May 8

What I Want To Wear #2

Inspired by those Balmain shoulders, and my incredible urge to wear pink tights these few days..

Have a good weekend lovelies. I'll be somewhat MIA, as I'll be in Taipei on a short holiday with the boyfriend and our friends for the next couple of days. There are FIVE Vivienne Westwood stores in Taipei apparently. I am going to make sure I get to one.:D Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 7

What I Want To Wear #1

Starting a new series, hope you like. ♥