Tuesday, September 23

Is it too late to apologise?

To perhaps the 2 other people that read this blog,
we apologise for the lack of updates. We do have
tonnes of lovely pictures featuring Rach's stunning
silver shoes, a second-hand Lanvin dress, lots of
white, an awesome pair of sneakers with just the
cutest print, slouchy dresses and kimono-esque
tops. Not to mention Hui's hair which was the colour
of peacock feathers (or so everybody says) which
Hui gleefully agreed because as you all know, she
adores the hue of peacock feathers. Oh yes, there
was also a cigarette. Yes, cigarettes are good haha.
We hope our crazy work lives stop for a bit and we
can post our pictures soon. Love all round!

Wednesday, September 17

Don't Lose Your Temperley

HOTNESS personified.

A Luella Bit of Colour

And a whole lotta shape! ♥
I absolutely need that last jacket.
Any sponsors?

It's Spring Tam!

The Vivienne Tam post I had promised earlier.
I absolutely love the colours and the strong shapes
with their borders melted with the soft peony-inspired
prints and colours. Absolute love.

Tuesday, September 16

Just how Delicious is the Night?

I know, we usually post outfits. But i was given a sample of this scent and it truly is delicious. Not to mention, it's Jessica Stam!

Just listen to its notes: "frozen pomelo, crushed ginger, chilled blackberry martini accord, purple freesia, night-blooming orchids, satin jasmine petals, purple iris, molten amber, incense, myth extract, patchouli and velvet vetiver".


Monday, September 15

Again, the face is rather messed up.

The Red Carpet, Temasek Hall DND
It was fun. Now I do regret not putting
my Shu Uemura's on. But oh well.
I messed up my face by just, not knowing
how to smile. Unlike my unjustly photogenic
boyfriend. Ugh. So unfair.

Incidentally, apples

I am so glad I have short hair now.
She is so beautiful. I'm totally awe-struck.
Not to mention, inspired. ♥

A Bit Too High Strung There..

Talk about ruining a potentially awesome outfit with bad posture.
Jon, the guy to my right, however, teaches a fine lesson in posture.
Well done, Jon! Shoulders down, Hui! *Tsk*

Thursday, September 11

Better than Tim Tams..

Just after doing the Behnaz Sarafpour post I nearly choke to death from the sheer prettiness of Vivienne Tam SS'09. I will do a Vivienne Tam post soon. If angels could flirt, they would wear those very dresses. Ethereal flirtation. That's what the whole collection looked like to me.

Ugh. The beauty!

Floral Tributes

Behnaz Sarafpour, Spring/Summer 2009

Fending for myself

I guess no Fendi for me then. :( *Sigh*

Tuesday, September 9

Metallic & McQueen (and Moët too)

(Semi-) introducing, my boyfriend. :)

Happy Feet

The Hotness of Black

I need to find a pair of hotness like this pair of hotness right here. Le sigh encore.

Monday, September 8