Tuesday, March 31

Flowers In The Window II

When is the centre parting going to come back into fashion?

Monday, March 30

Flowers In The Window

Dressing-room madness, is one of the best to have! :)

Thursday, March 26

Make Me Beautiful

For those who know that I dabble in dance outside of madness-blogging and office-dronery, here is a video of the item I had choreographed for a dance production that has just gone by. Many beautiful memories of my beautiful girls. I love how their hair swished about so sexily. :)

The music featured is "A Perfect Lie" by The Engine Room (i.e. the Nip/Tuck theme song) and "Until We Bleed" by Kleerup featuring Lykke Li (whom Capuccino B and I both adore!)

This is dedicated to you, La Lovely, my blogtwin! ♥

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I hope you enjoyed that. :)

Love Until We Bleed

More dance production goodness. Look at my gorgeous, gorgeous girls!

Now we're bound to linger on
We drink the fatal drop
And love until we bleed
Then fall apart in parts
- Kleerup feat. Lykke Li

P.S. Perhaps Too Many Tights may be interested to know that the 'gloves' my girls are wearing were actually knee-high sheer stockings that we had cut to make gloves. It's just easier to find a greater variety of tights than gloves, it seems. My dancers and I love the effect: the colour, the translucency and the fit. Absolute love! Tights and stockings are going to rule the world! Yay!

Wednesday, March 25

Bowi(e)ng Before Royalty

I want to be this man. He is just, I don't know. I can't describe him. Words are failing me this morning.

In response to Too Many Tight's comment: I don't quite know, I'm afraid. :/

In any case, I do love your site, and am considering some purchases already. I don't care if I live in the tropics, I really should wear tights a little more often. Considering I'm always freezing my arse off anyway, these blasted refrigerators offices...

Tuesday, March 24

Lying Low

Sometimes, you really wonder why you try.

Monday, March 23

YSL Please...

Currently seeking sponsors. Apply within! :D

Did You Miss Your Last Dance?

Photo courtesy of the always impeccably-dressed Kai Yi :)

The curtains have fallen and the lights are gone. But the memories remain! This is a picture of my beautiful girls who made my choreography come to life. And look, they've got blue lipstick on! They were so beautiful. Good job, girls. And thank you. ♥

Tuesday, March 17

Take Everything Back

I've been busy with wonderful things like dance, and useless worthless things like office-dronery. Yes, I just made that word up - dronery. I like it. It has the right ring to it.

In addition to the exciting purchases I had recently made a post about, a new exciting purchase was also added. A BIG purchase - at least for me. It is LOVELY. And I will definitely take some good pictures of it. :)

Speaking of pictures, here are some outtakes from one of our shoots. Isn't the red of this velvet dress so gorgeous?

I'm so sleepy. :(((

Thursday, March 12

Ice Queens

Can you not see why this glorious woman was cast to play Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia? She is certainly an Empress. A beautiful Empress.

Thanks to all for your lovely comments. You all made me want to put blue back in my hair again, but I currently don't have enough hair haha. I'll find a way to work it into my current short crop.

Grosses bises to all ♥

Tuesday, March 10


Mainly because I miss the little bits of blue in my hair ♥ :(
(And I miss wearing the skirt too.)

Whee ♥

Monday, March 9

The Elbaz Jeanne-eration

Pure architecture.

Pure romance.

Pure strength.

Pure love.

I want to be Lanvin's entire Fall 2009 collection. S’il vous plaît.♥

Past Presents

Remember this post?

Well, finally, I've done up its corresponding post and here are the goods. :)

The Vivienne Westwood Silver Armour Ring! At last! *cries tears of happiness*

After resisting 3 times, I finally succumbed and got myself Prada's butterfly shades. They are huge and they are fun. :D

One more shot of my hair. You can see a tinge of the purple! It isn't as purple as I wanted it though, but I love it overall. Not to mention, it's incredibly comfortable.

That's all lovelies. :) I hope you are all doing well.

Thursday, March 5

Pucci In Boots



It's nothing fantastic, nothing really WOW, but it is SO BLOODY BEAUTIFUL. It also helps that Freja is wearing it. But oh my. The things I would do just to be able to have a dress like that. I like this new guy, Peter Dundas, and what he's done for Emilio Pucci this Fall 2009. It kind of was in a need for a bit of a facelift. And he's done just that. I think it will take a while for us to let this new Pucci look settle. But I can see it working, I can see people wearing it, and I can see me crying because I will never be one of those people.

Sobs. :(

Tuesday, March 3

An Ice Lolly, You Say? Well I'd Gladly Suck On It.

A little warning of some madness ahead, but I promise to keep it short.

There is so much LOVE I feel after the combination of two powerful loves that I can hardly contain myself. It is almost so powerful that it is stripping me of my woes at work and my worries at dance.

What do you get when you combine Lacroix Haute Couture with my beloved Tilda Swinton? You get utter fabulousness that would outshine the moon, and me melting into a puddle of girly goo. THE LOVE. THE LOVE!!! Despite all the hate that has been floating around for this ensemble of hers. All I can say do feel eat peel preen prove is my utter complete LOVE. Ugh. SO FAB ♥

The awesomeness cannot be contained.