Thursday, April 30

Lines Of Lacroix

I will post soon about Rachel's and my trip to the Christian Lacroix exhibition! It was wonderful and absolutely inspiring. Rachel and I even sat down and did a few sketches! It was so much fun and there was so much beauty. ♥


Thanks to all who comforted me about my heartbreak. Thanks also to The Haute-Shopper for your suggestions. I do have some friends who are trying to score me media passes. Although the likelihood is very low for such exclusive and high-demand shows, one can still hope. :) Also, I probably will go and just, stalk the tent on the night of the show, just to soak in the atmosphere and breathe in the air of fashion royalty. Dame Westwood, here I come!

I received this in the email the other night, from an online retailer called It's the Menswear arm of the famous I love and have already made a purchase from there as a gift for a friend. Everything about this site is awesome. Please check it out if you are a girl who loves wearing her boyfriend's clothes and if you are a fan of graphic t-shirts.

Which brings me back to my email. This was a massive ad for new Art Tees and basically, I went crashing into depression as I realised I simply did not have enough money to buy so many of these wonderful designs. But well, my purchase powerlessness aside, I can't help but want to share what an amazing array of T-shirts that have just come in stock. Lust lust lust lust lust...♥

So inspiring. ♥

Tuesday, April 28

Broken Hearts

I have missed my ONE AND ONLY chance to catch a Vivienne Westwoodshow. All tickets are sold-out. I am hoping to score some other way of getting to watch the show. I can't believe it. The Queen of Anglomania comes to my little country and I can't participate in it at all. Why oh why oh why? *starts to have a crying fit*

Tears and broken hearts aside. There is a chance for me to attend this:

I would be a fool not to attend it, n'est-ce pas? Especially since tickets are still available and they are ridiculously cheap for a chance to be in the presence of 2 fashion greats, hearing their thoughts and opinions. All of you would murder me I'm sure, if I didn't attend this. And to see Gareth Pugh in the flesh my god. Would I die in his presence? Yes probably. But I would die of a more painful heartbreak if I didn't go.

Here's the most amazing line-up Singapore has ever seen in all its fashion weeks ever:

Christian Lacroix Spring/Summer 2009, Opening Gala (which surprisingly, isn't sold out yet. Should I go to this one too?)

Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2009 (sold out :x)

The Ashley Isham Couture Showcase (sold out :x)

Marc by Marc Jacobs (sold out :x)

Vivienne Westwood AW 09/10 Anglomania (SOLD OUT *heart breaks again and again*)

Who wants to fly over and follow me to the session? It's next Thursday!

Alrighty-then, I'm off to purchase tickets.

I'm still so bummed about Westwood. But, oh well. *sobs* :(

UPDATE: The [insert expletive of choice here] website is a LIAR. A big fat LIAR. It did not say "sold-out", it still let me click on the "Buy Tickets" link and when I did want to buy tickets to the Gareth Pugh info session? It says that it's sorry, because they did not have the tickets available for the number I had requested. I tested it with 1 ticket, I tested it with 2 and I tested it with 9 - I got the same response.

I want to sue the bloody arse of this website, but I think I'm too stupid to properly sue anyone. So I shall just wilt away and hide away on my own personal island of FAIL and cry endlessly about my natural inclination towards failure.

Wednesday, April 22

The Boyfriend Tee

Since I'm not tall enough to wear the "boyfriend" jeans (though I desperately want to), I've learnt to make do with the "boyfriend" t-shirt. I'm rather proud of this t-shirt. For you see, it was a t-shirt I had designed for my lovely boyfriend for his birthday last year. Can you guess the date of his birthday? :) I liked his t-shirt so much that I gave it to him, planted him a birthday kiss, and promptly borrowed it indefinitely.

Ah, 'tis the taste of true love. :p

Tuesday, April 21

Accessories Speak Louder Than Words

Vivienne Westwood Silver Armour Ring; Prada Butterfly Shades

Dear Rachel,

I miss you too. I wrote you and asked about Saturday. :) I believe you're done with exams? Let me know soon. ♥

Lacroix et l'amour,

Friday, April 17

plaques and tangles

Dear Hui,

I miss you.

Ok, there is no point to this post except to say that I really miss being away from Hui and the rest of you, and I can't wait to see the Lacroix exhibit. Holidays are on the way, which (hopefully) means more photoshoots and outfits! Sorry no photos this time... it's back to work for me :(

Panicking for exams,


My legs look so tiny here!

Do please ignore the strange outfit above. I had changed out of my jeans for comfort's sake. You can see here a shot of my short hair, just before I got it trimmed again. It's a little shorter and thinner now in the front and just...a little shorter. I don't know how else to describe it. A little Sinead O'Conner-ish perhaps. But oh well.

It's finally Friday! *jumps* :)

Into The Blue

Words cannot describe how much I miss my blue hair. ♥

And so I shall leave you with pictures, of what are now memories.


I realised I don't have many recent shots of my current super short hair. I will wait until I meet Rachel again, after all her exams end, and also when I am less frazzled. I will get her to take some pictures of my hair, and also, the Vivienne Westwood bag that I had wanted a long time back which I had finally gotten sometime back. It's really, really lovely and I can't wait to get some photos done to show you guys.

Love to all. ♥

Thursday, April 16

Down To You

Does anyone remember that movie, Down To You, that starred Julia Stiles and Freddie Prinze Junior? I remember when I was about 15, I totally had the hots for FPJ. It was a really sweet movie. I should go rent it sometime. It'd be nice to watch again.

Here's a shot of Rachel, because we've not seen her in a while. Heck, I've not seen her in a while myself. I took a rain check for the Christian Lacroix exhibition that we were supposed to go to because I was very, very under the weather. (Did you see that? "Rain check" and "under the weather"? Okay, sorry. :p)

I don't know why I'm so awake at 1 am. Maybe it's because I've finally gotten my hair trimmed and I feel very energised. It could also be the throbbing pain in my right ear, which now holds a new piercing, just because I felt like getting one right after my hair cut.

All the best with exams, Rachel! We love you! ♥

Wednesday, April 15

Edible Art?

Believe it or not, the title of this post also references Twilight. In this case, I reference a line in the the movie from a scene which specifically references the book cover. You know, the cover art that featured two hands holding a red apple. If anything, the Twilight saga gave us some awesome art. My personal favourite is the Eclipse cover, which bears the picture of a piece of red silk ribbon sort of falling from somewhere, and ripped in the middle.

But why the Judith Leiber pieces again? Well, I don't know. They were just too alluring and since I have a sort of mild fascination with apple-shaped bags, I couldn't resist putting these pictures up. Speaking of apple-shaped bags, for some bizarre reason, I seem to recall Missoni having some kind of strange cute little handbag, very much like the Judith Leiber ones. It was apple-shaped, bright red, life-size (i.e. the size of a real apple) but sans the sparkle. I don't quite remember the material it was made from though because I've obviously not seen it at close range (otherwise I doubt I'd have this conundrum in the first place).

Is my memory failing me, deceiving me or mistaking me? Was there ever another apple bag somewhere? I've been trying to find it since thinking I had seen it in a magazine, and even so far as thinking I'd seen it in a store in Singapore that carried Missoni pieces.

It must have been a poisoned apple, for I feel a little muddle-headed. :/

Tuesday, April 14

Do I Dazzle You?

I apologise for the Twilight reference in the title. For some reason my Twilight fever has returned so it's sort of invading all my thoughts at the moment.

You know, I love dark things. Dark chocolate, dark eyemakeup, dark hair, dark songs, dark dances, dark lights (yes, they do exist) and dark colours of course. But there is this part of me, and I'm sure my blogtwin La Couturier can testify to this, that goes insane over anything, pink, sparkly and even flowery. And you must know, I hate flowers in real life. Fresh ones in particular. *shivers*

So it is perfectly believable that I would go nuts for Judith Leiber. I have harboured a secret crush for her products for a long time. I have seen a few pieces of hers in real life at some super duper uber posh stores in Singapore and they are absolutely stunning. Her clutches and pill boxes are so tremendously adorable in size and shape. So when encrusted in rainbowed patterns of delightful crystals, you can imagine the insanity that goes through my body.

I will say though, that I picked this particular piece, Dolphin, to prove just one other point about my love for her products. It's not just the sparkles and the cuteness and the overwhelming prettiness. What I really admire actually, is the way she incorporates these beautiful fluid shapes into functional clutches or pill boxes. If you browse through her collections, you will see how innovative and how personable each piece is. They all feel so specially made, almost as if they had some kind of backstory. Those shaped like fruits feel as though they did grow from tiny little seeds (Swarovski encrusted seeds, of course). Those shaped like animals or symbols like hearts and what-not, do really feel like they have a living spirit in them.

Do they dazzle me? Oh yes indeed. But it's a dazzling that far surpasses the crystals that in actual fact, only serve to refract light. A beautiful refraction, of course, but refraction nonetheless. It's the type of dazzle that doesn't require light, that really captures your heart.

Bella would have known exactly what I was talking about. :)

The Boyfriends

Have you ever wondered about the boyfriends of Supermodels?

Check out Vogue US' latest issue called 'The Model Issue' and you can read all about it. The pictures are so sweet, I love it! I need to get my hands on a physical copy.

Meanwhile, you can check it out here.

Sorry no pictures today, I'm lazy to post one. But you'll find them at the link. So I'm sure that'll make up for it. ;)

Love to all. ♥

Edit: Okay I couldn't resist. I love hand-holding, so I had to put this picture up. Makes me think of my boyfriend. Sigh. :) ♥

Monday, April 13

To Be Made Of Glass

Lace gloves. Eyeshadow bleeding from lower eyelid. Soulful eyes. Sparkly cracked red heart. Stretched fingers. Hidden but awesome looking t-shirt. Long black hair with bangs.

Ladies and gentlemen, Natasha Khan.

I am in awe.

Lundi, Encore

This is a picture of me putting on eyelash glue on one of my Shu Uemura half-falsies. I miss my nails at that length.

It's Monday again. What is there to say?

Friday, April 10

A Manicured Man Makes Me Happy

Gareth Pugh.
Black nail polish.
Sleek hair.
'Nuff said.

I now know what to name my son.

Lashes And Eyeshadow

I would love to wear eyeshadow out like that someday, bleeding out from my eyes in a beautiful spectrum of colour.

And as my heart spun round
My dreams pulled me from the ground

Thursday, April 9

Oh No, Knot Again?

Photo courtesy of JAK & JIL BLOG

I am in love with the way these boots have been "re-worked". Read about their effect at this Jak & Jil Blog post here.

Now I know what to do when my boots start dying and when their leather begins to slack.

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone.

And sorry for not keeping up with all your beautiful blogs. :( I will try to catch up this week and comment spam you all with my love.

The job intervention has turned be more stressful than I expected. It is positive no less, but absolutely terrifying.

I have been crying for days. :(

But well, we'll see.

I hope you are all well.

Friday, April 3

A Nail-Biting Weekend

1. I am mourning the loss of my long nails (because one broke so I cut the rest off. :x). Without my lovely long nails, I can't paint fun stuff on them, like you see in the photos above. Sigh. :(

2. I am excited about tomorrow, because Rachel and I will be headed down to the Christian Lacroix: The Costumier exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore. Exciting, beautiful stuff, I'm positive. :D

3. I am truly biting my nails over a kind of possible job intervention this Sunday. I say intervention because this is a kind of saving grace I need from my current one. You know how when you have some kind of problem, or are stuck in some rut and you need "intervention"? Yes. I am referring to exactly that semantically. (Or is it pragmatically? My degree in linguistics is obviously turning into dust. Haha.)

4. I love you all. And wish you all a wonderful, beautiful weekend ahead. ♥