Thursday, February 26

Trading Sprouses

Let me tell you a story.

I have an aunt.

This aunt, has several friends.

Some of these several friends have a lots of money.

One of those several friends with lots of money, decided to spend some.

The one who decided to spend some, bought several bags for her friends.

One of the several bags went to this very aunt of mine.

This very aunt of mine, doesn't quite enjoy the bag, despite its exclusivity.

I, myself, am also not a fan of it, despite its exclusivity.

However, I certainly do see its charm and potential uses, unlike my aunt, who can't seem to match it with anything.

So she told me, who knows, maybe I could borrow it indefinitely, once she's carried it around enough.

I agreed. And so patiently wait.

In any case, I present to you: The Louis Vuitton Monogram Roses Neverfull MM, from the Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton collection. It's quite a fun bag, and I do say it grows on you. (And actually I really can't resist the fuschia lining inside. The pink virus strikes me again!)

What do you think of this bag? Yay, nay or a maybe? And for the heck of it, How Would You Wear It?

Monday, February 23

The Big O

Note: Forgive the pixelated, crappy picure quality of the following photos. They were the only ones I could find.

I have to confess, I only watch award shows for two things - Red carpet arrivals and the musical performances. And whilst I'm religiously following the internet as it religiously follows with Oscar red carpet fashion and award show line-ups, I discover this:

And this, has officially cemented my girl-crush complete admiration and adoration for anything this woman does. Look at her! Just look at her! That swept-back ginger-ish hair, that bold lipstick, that clean face, the incredible sexiness that just drips off her even though every inch of her is covered. In the words of Rachel Zoe, truly, I DIE. I am going to name my daughter Tilda, and heck, if it's a boy I'll call him Swinton.

To ensure there is relevance to the title and to make further inferences to its subtext, I dedicate this photo to Rachel dearest:

I wonder who he's puckering up for then...:p

Friday, February 20


Do you think if I wore this moving dress from Hussein Chalayan's Spring 2007 show to the office the bosses would stop pushing me around to do stuff that they're too lazy to do when they are clearly the ones with the know-how? Like I told one of my bosses today, "It's like the blind leading those who can bloody see!" Okay, I didn't say the "bloody" of course. But I certainly meant it. *grits teeth*

I am glad that I've always stuck to my own motto, which I learnt as a child from the character Rasputin in Anastasia, the animated film. He said, and I quote - "If you want something done, you have to do it yourself." I've certainly stuck by it. I just wish these lazy arses would start thinking about cleaning their own shit for a change.

Rarr. :x

The Daily Apple

Who would have thought, that people could share apple-eating habits. :) La C, you are way too cute, so I realy wouldn't mind if we were twins. At least we'd enjoy apples the way we like them! I'm tartin in Paris? :)

For the past few weeks I've been busy but happy with dance. I've been choreographing an item for a mini dance production at my former university and needless to say I love it. It's stressful sometimes with many different challenges, but this is the kind of stress that is the best kind - because it just disappears. It disappears the minute you throw on that awesome costume, press 'play' and move. To watch the dance slowly take shape and my girls gaining confidence and a sense of the item is one of the best rewards. And I daresay, one of the best rewards in life.

Creation is such a beautiful thing, no?

In celebration of creativity, beauty, wit, fashion and great music, here is another beautiful picture of the devastatingly awesome Shiina Ringo, Japanese artiste extraordinaire.

Thursday, February 19

The Only Apple I'd Eat

I don't like eating apples. I don't hate the fruit. But I won't eat it unless I had to. Apple juice, apple pie, apple ices - all fine. I just find the fruit very bland and uneventful.

However, there is nothing bland about Shiina Ringo. Words cannot describe how much I love this woman. So I'll just leave you with a picture of her performing live somewhere, whilst I wish to the heavens that I had been the one who had taken this picture. 残念だね・・・

Tuesday, February 17

Kings & Court Jesters

Hello loves. In case you thought we've died, we haven't. In many ways we have. For instance, I certainly have in terms of work and academic frustration despite being out of school. Sigh. But no fear, we are still here and we remember all of you. We still have Johanne's tag to work on. I've not forgotten it, my dear! :)

And well, La C a.k.a La Lovely has given us an award. Really, the support she has shown for our blog has been so immense. We have no words, La C! We are so incredibly touched.

Merci beaucoup. ♥

And well, I just thought I'd post some of the billion photoshoot pictures we have. Here is my favourite one of Rachel. I think she looks great here. It's so unfair that my shades always look better on her. Haha. :D Oh well. I still love her nonetheless. Mainly because we can share shoes. Hahahahahaha....

Love to all, and I hope you're all doing much better than I am at least.

Saturday, February 14

Keeping It Short

I'm pleased as punch. :) Not to mention extremely comfortable.
Will post better pictures for when I take better pictures.
Then at least you can see the lovely dark colour of an auburn-based-violet that the stylist graciously mixed for my hair.

Yay ♥

P.S. I have work to take home this weekend. I am utterly depressed. I thought once school was over I wouldn't have to write essays anymore. But this is what happens when you come back to work in a school. So, so, so, so dumb. Not to mention depressing. :(

Thursday, February 12




With loving additions to your mountaineous gift debt,

Wednesday, February 11

A Ring Of Shady Business

Do you like Prada?

Do you like Vivienne Westwood?

Do you like finally having something you've always wanted?

Well, I wonder if you remember me saying in a post a long, long time ago that I had recently made two very exciting purchases. There was a bit of a problem with one of them but it has since been solved (I think). And Rachel and I haven't had time to consolidate our resources for this post. Nevertheless, it is coming soon. And I shall unveil these presents-to-myself, to you all. ♥

Yay for presents! :D

Tuesday, February 10

Raise Your Chains Together

Dear Tom Kaulitz von Tokio Hotel,

If this t-shirt had been from the menswear section, I would have bought this for you immediately and shipped it straight to you in your studio in Hamburg. At least I think you're in Hamburg now, recording and stuff.

In any case, I saw this Givenchy Limit.Ed Oversized Chain Jersey T-Shirt and just saw you rocking out in it. Yes, even with the pink!

With best intentions & warm Königsberger Klopse,

P.S. When are you guys coming down to Singapore?
P.P.S. Tell your brother, the lovely Bill Kaulitz, that I love his nails and that he and I should go shopping for clothes together.
P.P.P.S. When are you guys coming down to Singapore, ever???

Sunday, February 8

I Miss You All!

A big hello to everyone! I've been pretty much MIA from the blogsphere, I know. I miss all of you, really I do. And I've been keeping up with Hui's posts and your comments (thank you La C and Johanne for asking about me. I feel loved! You are not forgotten ♥ ). Well, here's a quick catch up!

Time really does fly! I've just started on a masters programme, which is going to last two years. I can't believe we're a week into feb already! The course has got some really fascinating material, and my coursemates (all 20 of them) are great people. Surprisingly, I've still managed to keep a semblance of a social life, going for gigs and meeting up with friends, but it means that my time spent on things like blogging suffers. I really have to thank hui for keeping it going! *plants a big wet one on hui's cheek*

In case you were wondering, the photo above is taken from the Prodigy gig. They are just insanely talented performers. I have never seen a crowd so hyped up for the full length of a concert!

Well, this is just me stopping by. Nothing very fashion-y to say I'm afraid.

Hui dearest, the Orb Flock Shirt from the Vivienne Westwood Red Label is totally meant for you! I love the print - it's quirky, yet subtle. I'm working on it babe!

Friday, February 6

A Snip From The Past

Can't wait. ♥
*prays for time off work*


What I would give to be a student again, and to wear these super duper ensembles to class. What I would give. Presenting, just a few Limi Feu favourites.

I will find a way to incorporate this into my office looks - look at the gratuituous use of shirts! And I have some crazy pants that could achieve those kinds of looks.

And when is that damn Y-3 store going to open in Singapore! Finish the construction soon please!!

Thursday, February 5

The Prodigal Sun

From left to right: Hui's black Zara boots, Rachel's green slingback wedges and Eric's gold sneakers.

The Prodigy's gig was crazy! Crazy good. I had a full work-out there, just jumping and throwing my hands in the air. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Also, I loved the set. Blinking robot eyes, and a backdrop with paintings of these strange engine-like things on poles.


Wednesday, February 4

North South East Westwood

This picture is to be read from left to right. When Rachel and I took a module on "Critical Discourse Analysis" at our university, we learnt that one way of interpreting the left to the right was to see it as "the given" and "the new". It was about how you had "old" i.e. an established, given piece of information and then brought to be introduced to the "new" concept i.e. never before related to the "old" except till now.

Left: How I have been feeling for some time.
Right: What I want to do, for the first time in my life. Like, really HARD and FAST and BLOODY.

*rubs temples*
*sips tea*
*plods on*

A Lapse In Space And Tam

I'm sure I'm very late on this particular bandwagon. But this was the first thing that leapt at me when I signed in to MSN this morning:

That's right, my beautiful Time Lords and Lordettes. This is the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition. A laptop from HP (Hewlett-Packard), exclusively made beautiful by Vivienne Tam. It is no secret that I love the two Viviennes: the Westwood and the Tam. They even share the same spelling of the name, which in my opinion, is the best way to spell "Vivienne".

What made me sit up and gasp and nearly drop my sandwich when I saw this laptop? Well, for one it's so signaturely Vivienne Tam. How is one not to gasp? Secondly, the red is striking but not an eyesore. And this is because of the gentle way the peonies streak across the red, softening the bold colour into perfect balance. I also love that the inside of the laptop i.e. the keypad and the border around the screen are all flushed with the red of the cover. There is nothing I like more than a solid colour that weaves through the whole product, sealing it in aesthetic completion. This is something I'm very particular about, particularly for shoes. There is nothing worse than a shoe of a beautiful shape in a beautiful colour, being ruined by an unsightly, jarring, wrongly-coloured and shaped heel. There is something about the flush, that I love. Even in Poker, a flush is very much desired, not that it has any relation to this post whatsoever haha. :D

Oh and did I mention? It's called the HP Mini because it's light. So light you can carry it as a clutch. And a digital clutch for that matter.

So, so pretty! And so, so functional! What I would have done to have had this as a student. The lightness would have come in very, very useful. Ah well, doesn't hurt to just admire it from pictures and hope that someone asks Vivienne Westwood soon to put her mark on something technological.

Fashion and Machines. Yum. ♥

Tuesday, February 3

The Fat Of The Land