Wednesday, December 31

Answering Questions

First up, thanks to all for your absolutely sweet comments! You guys made Rachel's and my day very much as we were very happy with that photoshoot. Hopefully we'll get to put more up and share with you the wonderful pictures that emerged from that shoot! :)

Secondly, we've been asked 2 questions and we're going to answer them here. Happy reading. :)

1) Johanne who runs Kvestelser asked where I got these shoes from, which I also put up in the picture above.
These shoes are from a now-defunct (and I don't know why they've disappeared :/) Singaporean brand that sold the best pop-art inspired, quirky, one-of-a-kind shoes that were of very good quality. The ones I'm wearing are black patent mary-janes from now-defunct, nué. It was about 220SGD which is approximately ₤106.

2) The lovely Capuccino B asked where Rachel and I live i.e. where we are from.
We are both Singaporeans and we live in our little dot of a country, Singapore, which you can read all about here. If you are aware of Fashion Nation, they are from Singapore as well.

There you have it! We hope you've enjoyed learning about us. :) We love you all, and come back soon! We will post more from our shoots, promise. ♥

Monday, December 29

The Hotness of Hui

Doesn't Hui look absolutely luscious here? This is a shot we sort of lucked into, whilst playing around with light and poses in my room. More on the way ♥

And dearest Hui, please go buy yourself the Ebury. Or actually, get the Vernice. Get both.

Viva La Vivienne

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for the lovely pink nail polish that you got me for Christmas. I am sorry I could not help with the somewhat illegal gift I had gotten you. But I promised I will try and get it, some day some how.

In any case, let the festivities continue! I think we should celebrate! Especially since we've just finished our shoot as a haphazard entry for this competition here. We have to thank Erwin for giving us the heads up about this competition. Thank you Erwin.

What's more, we discovered some awesome accidental lighting that gave us some beautiful shots of flowers and lipsticks and tongues. How did we make it so beautiful? How did we capture such grace? I don't f-ing know but I am absolutely delighted.

Which is why I thought I should bring to your attention Vivienne Westwood's Ebury Bag in black. It is a beautiful bag and extremely affordable, at least if you sold everything you owned. My only problem with this bag is that it is 100% leather and I'm not really into leather, for various reasons. Which is why there is a slightly different version of this bag style-wise, the Large Two-Way Vernice Bag (Nero). What I like is, as with the Ebury, they have two strap options, have a great base and a quirky boxy shape. What is better about the Vernice is that it is made of patent leather, which always makes me a little happier than ordinary leather does.

So please, Rachel, spread the festive cheer!
Buy me a bag and I'll buy you a beer!

Vodka shots and what-nots,

Such An Animated Couple

Here's a picture I drew of me and my boyfriend, Gabriel. :) The cheer is almost bursting out from the paper! Sigh, I need something to beat these Monday mournings!

Sunday, December 28





Saturday, December 27

Take A Shot

A little taste of what's happening today.

P.S. Check out our new Fashion Is Tension banner! Kudos to Rachel for doing it up! So delicious! Like prawns! (Inside joke, sorry.:p)

P.P.S. Those luscious lips belong to Hui! Product of our great photoshoot today :) - Rach

New Shoot En Route

Wheeeee ~ ♥

Thursday, December 25

A M*ulb*erry Christmas to You!

Dearest Hui,

It's been a pretty great holiday this year eh? As it is, I do have a really tiny gift for you. However, I could not help but consider entertaining your request(s!). In the spirit of Christmas, let's pretend for a moment that I do have some spare cash to shower my affections on you. As they say, it's the thought that counts. If I could, for merriment's sake, I would get you:

1. A magenta Mulberry Bayswater bag.

2. A pair of Miu Miu Bow-front flats.

3. This pretty shimmery shade of Shiseido lipstick.

Loads of love and general well-wishing,


Oh!! Big P.S!!
I can't believe I forgot to say this but HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Hope all of you are having loads of fun, stuffing yourselves and spending time with your favourite people ♥

Pink Holly & Mistletoe

Dear Rachel,

As you know, Christmas is here. In fact, in a matter of hours, Christmas will be over here in Singapore. However, why let the gift-giving and the spirit of love end here? Why let such positive feelings end after a mere 24 hours? Hence, I present to you, a colour request:

I would like, in bright pink or its variants (magenta, fuschia etc.), the following items:
1) A medium or large-ish bag in either Thai silk or patent leather
2) A pair of ballet flats - preferably in patent leather
3) Lipstick - just for the fun of it. :p

Many thanks and arigatous and I hope you had a blessed Christmas in blessing mine.

Love always now and forever more and sealed with the wettest kiss ever,

Monday, December 22

Same Time Last Year

To think, a year ago, we were having a blast in Paris...
Please excuse us. We think we're celebrities. These are our fake paparazzi shots. Lol.


I've had better days.
I've had a prettier face.
I've had much more grace.
I've had finer taste.

I've had better days.
But today I'll hide my face.

Saturday, December 20

...And Hit Me Up 'Cos Baby You Look Fantastic

How's the weekend going for all you beautiful people? This photo was taken at a brand new club called Zirca that's just opened in Singapore. It was a little gimmicky with cabaret inspired performances and girls in feathered masks dancing through the crowd, but the decor was gorgeous and the music was, well, let's just say I danced the night away! Throw in some free lychee martinis and fabulous company, and you get an enormously fun night.

I'm just exhausted. It's been a week of shopping, clubbing, barbecues, catching up with my cousin from Perth... phew. It's Saturday night and I'm taking a breather... until my sister and her friends pop by with a bottle of Absolut ;). Talk about a great holiday. More posts soon... after some of this madness subsides. Hui and I have a photo shoot on the way! ♥

Thursday, December 18

Let Them Eat Chanel!

A Chanel Handbag made out of beef jerky? Talk about having great "taste" in fashion!
(via Dlisted)

Wednesday, December 17

Let Them Eat *Birthday* Cake!

Aw, Hui called me a gift from the gods!! *blushes*

Well dear readers, I'll have you know that I thank God for a friend like Hui too. This is a cake which she baked for my 22nd birthday last year (yes that makes me 23). It was really really sweet - both the cake and Hui's gesture. Once again, it showcases our general insanity. You should have seen us laugh when we brought the cake out and everyone in the room went... "HUH?!". Of course, I had to add that second photo because... I really have no memory of what we were doing/thinking at that precise moment the camera snapped this photo. Add that to the tons of inexplicable photos we have. Here's one more for the road:

For those of you with macs who have not yet discovered this, check out! Hours of instant fun ;)

Of Gifts And Losses

Featuring my favourite accessories:
:: Beaded "Lip" Pouch, a gift from Koustav.
:: Clear plexi bangle, a gift from my mum.

And featuring, my favourite friend to go crazy with:
:: Rachel, a gift from the gods.

By the way, the plexi bangle, which I love dearly is sadly, no longer with me. It's a very sad story. I don't like telling it. :( I miss it very much though. It went with everything. Have you ever lost something you couldn't do without? I feel you there. ♥

Tuesday, December 16

Words Are Many Splendid Things

Thank you Johanne who runs Kvestelser for passing this award on to us! We love your free spirit and the way you write about your life - not to mention, you have an amazing hairstyle! ♥

These blogs are exceedingly charming.
These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.
They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement!
Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut,
even more friendships are propagated.
Please give more attention to these writers!
Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more
and include this clever-written text into the body of their award!

We don't know enough bloggers that well enough, but we have certainly got some great blog friends we want to pass this award to. They most certainly deserve it, and we love them so!

Our darling La C!
Capuccino B!
MR Style!

Love to you all ♥

Monday, December 15

Nights Of Cydonia

I know I've been using pictures from this same shoot. But it was such a fun night that I keep finding new fun and funny photos I want to share with you all. Again, this features the elusive fast-food take-out bag and I truly believe it makes this photo just that much more interesting.

P.S. For those who are new to us, Hui (me) is the girl in the middle, Rachel is the one with the longest hair and the cute grey booties, and our favouritest person in the whole wide universe, Yansy, is on the left. :)

Rules Of Engagement

If I can't kiss you, you can't be my friend.
Rachel lets me kiss her.
Therefore, she is my friend.
Yay! :D

Edit (by Rachel): Everyone, do not be fooled by the calm on my face. I was shaking on the inside. Just slightly traumatised. But they tell you to stay calm so as not to further aggravate a dangerous creature, which is what I was doing.

SPARKLY EDIT! (By Hui) Rachel loves me. She is just very shy about it. Hence this strange "aversion" she so claims. And please, I am far from dangerous...:p Rachel shakes on the inside all the time, and you know why? It's because she's shaking on the outside all the time! Because, Rachel PARTY-PARTY-PARTY-PARTY-PARTIES ALL THE TIME!!.

Sunday, December 14

Stop! Hold The Press!

There is a madness that comes with friendship. And with friendship, comes love. Thus thereby ergo: LOVE IS MAD! :)

Okay, so it's just me that's mad. But honestly, who doesn't appreciate a little madness now and then in their lives?

These photos just made me so happy. It showcased our outfits, our fun, and our love for Yansy - the girl with the shortest hair in the picture. She had just come from the office, that dear girl, and let her hair down with us. Guest post soon okay? :)

Also, here is the mandatory fast-food take-out bag shot. Heck, it should get a tag of it's own...*asks Rachel*

Our love to all, encore une fois. ♥

Friday, December 12

7 Things about Rachel and Hui

Hello once again luvs, we have been tagged by the lovely Melissa of life . style . dissected!

Here are the rules: List 7 personal details about yourself, and pass the torch on to 7 other lucky bloggers.

Since there are two of us on this blog, we have decided to do this very first tag of ours... together! Here are 7 personal things that the both of us share, that we want to share with you all (click for bigger image)! ♥

Phew. I should probably warn everyone that the Aqua Teen Hunger Force is one of those cartoons where discretion is advised. Many of our friends who love us and our (offbeat) sense of humour have declared said show unwatchable, despite Hui's and my many attempts to per-suede them otherwise. Hui says there's nothing to apologise for, but I, being the more sane one, do feel obliged to issue a tiny precautionary warning. That being said, I hope it becomes as much a part of your lives as it is ours.

Alright, enough about us, we need to pass this on! We tag La Couturier, Cappuccino B, Merily, Bella, Alize, Mr Style, and Natalia!

Dance With Me, Make Me Suede

This is another of those pictures that defines the madness that is my friendship with Rachel. As you can see, the only tension experienced is the tightness in our chests and stomachs from laughing too hard.

By the way, we will be posting up the "7 Personal Things" tag soon! Sorry we are taking so long!

Why the suede mention in the title, you ask? Well, Rachel's got her gray suede booties on, and I've got my black suede Gucci hand-me-down handbag from my aunt. Dancing randomly in the street with a cigarette in hand is a pretty neat feeling. Go try that some day.

How shall I per-suede you? :)

Thursday, December 11

Skirting the Issue, Part II

Hi again all! This is a new skirt of mine. I've never played with the bubble silhouette before, but this was just too adorable! Straight off, I liked its simplicity, and the high waist. Hui took one look at my outfit and dug out her gorgeous accessories - her Steve Madden gladiator heels, an old vintage silver belt, and her Emporio Armani shades. I just love having a friend with her own strong personal sense of style. It's great because I've got my own thing going, and when we mix our styles, the results are often unexpected... In a good way!

I would really love to attend a fashion show in this. Preferably with an It Bag on my arm, like the YSL Muse in black patent leather. Dreams.

We've been tagged by Melissa of life . style . dissected. Our very first tag! One post on our 7 personal details coming up!

P.P.S. This is Hui speaking, hello there everyone! Doesn't Rachel look gorgeous? That purple brings me back to Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2007 RTW. I wonder if I could call it "Spring 2007 PAP" instead, after prêt-à-porter. Haha, it's easier to pronounce as an acronym that's for sure.

Anyyvesy, I added this little note in here to thank our small but growing pool of readers who have stopped by and said hi and who appreciate all the fun and madness we have here. A mini shout-out, if you will, in alphabetical order:

The uber-cool CapuccinoB
The Frocker
Johanne(I hope I got your name right?)
La C a.k.a. La Lovely
Merily(whose face is to die for.)
The Minx
Molly Gray
MR Style
Ms Butterfly
Natalia (An absolute beauty..)
Wendy B (She's the creator of some pretty delicious jewellery...wants!!)

Phew. I hope I got everbody in! Sounds like we're taking a group photo, if only we could! It'd be so fun. :) Once again, love to all and thank you for making our tiny little blog so much more fun and giving us more reason to do photoshoots, dress up and just love ourselves for who we are. ♥

Tuesday, December 9

Skirting the Issue, Part I

Hello loves, here's the first set of photos from our latest shoot! It's loosely themed around skirts, but really, that's all these outfits have in common. Hui's looking pretty chic and bohemianly awesome in this getup no? It's actually a long flowy skirt that she's wearing as a toga dress.

By the way, Hui has been saying some really nice things about me, but I think it's because I bought her earrings. Also, look at all her demands. It's pretty tough being her friend I tell you! To the rest of you who have not been bought off, thank you very much for your kind comments ♥! I cannot express how much of a delight it is to read the little notes you lovely lovely dears leave on our little blog. You all are fantastic people, you are!

To Hui: Procuring the Giant Day Bag will definitely be a journey. One which I am not quite ready to embark on, considering I LACK THE FINANCIAL MEANS. If love were money, rest assured, you would have ten of them by now, and an Hermes Birkin on the way. It's really too bad...

Giant Days Ahead

My dear Rachel,

As you know, I was at the Balenciaga store the other day and realised they were selling the Giant Day Bag at a ridiculously awesome price. I am not earning much, but I could have afforded it. However, it being a Balenciaga and still generally out of my price range despite having been employed for a while now, I decided not to buy it. Even though the store had it in the exact colour I wanted, with the exact type of hardware I wanted.

With this knowledge therefore, I bless you, on your journey forth to procure this beautiful piece for me. I know you can, I know you will, I know you want to. With this bag, our friendship is elevated, to a level no other friends can ever hope to achieve. I love you dearly. And I hope that in your reciprocation of my love, you get this bag for me. I'll let you pick the colour. Just no gold hardware please.

A blessed Christmas to you, and hopefully me too.

Your dearest, dearest friend,

In The Bedroom After The Shoot

This is Rachel and I in between an old shoot of ours - an outtake, if you will. She was fiddling with my pretty pair of magenta tights and I was dressed in my raggedy t-shirt whilst playing photographer. I will post more pretty pictures of Rachel in that lovely outfit.

Speaking of shoots, we just finished a new one! And that one turned out to be real quirky and fun, as well as super glamorous. Very "Fashion Week" as we called it haha. So stay tuned all you awesome people. :)

Monday, December 8

Burger King Queens

I agree with MR Style, Rachel totally rocks this loose-fitted top+shorts+boots combination! Hence, another picture of her looking really pretty. She denies that she looks lovely in this series of photos but I'm just gonna dig these pictures out and display them for the world to prove my point. You look lovely, babe! Ain't no lie!

This little night shoot we had was taken on our Quantum of Solace date, where we both squealed like little girls at the awesomeness that was Daniel Craig. We were certainly shaken, and very stirred. The Burger King take-outs looked very 'crack-is-whack' possibly due to the brown paper bag. Oh well, we were feeling kind of high anyway, so it added a strangely appropriate coherence to our shoot.

Thank you all you lovelies for coming to visit our blog, leaving really fun comments and really engaging in our posts! We hope you like what we wear too, because that was the main purpose really - to showcase our style, or lack of. Haha. As the Japanese say, yoroshiku onegaishimasu which is similar to what we say in Mandarin as qing duo duo ji zhiao which in English would roughly translate to: "Please take us under your wing of instruction". And we do ask that in all earnestness!

Much love to all :)

Saturday, December 6

Bella's Rachel's Lullaby



Friday, December 5

Shoe Shine

Don't you love Rachel's silver wedges? I know I do. Which is why I'm very glad we're the same shoe size. :D

Wednesday, December 3

Un Souhait

I miss our days in Paris, girls! ♥
Oh, to be there again! (Even though I froze my arse off!)

Tuesday, December 2

Chanel-ing Your Inner Coco

Does this not make you want to start putting ribbons in your hair again? Makes me wish I had my long hair again. Oh well, maybe I should start putting little bows in my bob. That'd be fun. :p

In case you were wondering, this is Edita Vilkeviciute (if someone could teach me how to pronounce that, I would be grateful). She's a stunning model who plays a young Coco Chanel in a silent film homage to the lady herself by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld. There are 2 lovely black and white shots, possibly film stills, that you can see here.

Put a ribbon in your hair today! ♥

Monday, December 1



....*gasps for air and asks Rachel for help*

Edit: Rachel did not help at all did she? And for those of you who were curious, such as one of our friends, CappuccinoB, this picture is a random google search for "Edward Cullen" - the main, handsome dude from the Twilight series. I was searching for Edward Cullen fanart and stumbled across this to-die-for representation of him. So gorgeous!


Post-note: I am sorry for this incredibly long post today. It's just something I needed to get off my chest. Hopefully I won't need to make such posts often. Btw, we're already gaining a small number of regular readers and I just want to say that you all mean a lot to Rachel and I as this blog holds a precious place in our hearts. We say that with all sincerity. Thank you for stopping by. :) ♥

Having just come from the comments page of La C's blog and encountering a small bit of potential-drama there, it saddens me that people choose to make big fusses out of things. And by people I don't mean La Lovely herself. I am referring to someone who posted a comment obviously meaning to provoke some kind of reaction - and a negative one at that. Granted, there are some people who deserve those sorts of comments, to take them down a notch a little, to send them back to earth. But really, when people are living their lives, loving their loves and being their beings, why should you come and tell us what to do and why what we're doing is wrong? If we were causing grevious hurt to someone or bore any sort of negative implications - then yes, please tell us what we're doing wrong or right. Otherwise, really, what were those comments for? Other than to (for lack of a better phrase) "stir shit"? Really. Such drama is useless.

Which brings to mind another piece of drama, or another type of drama that people perhaps don't accord enough reverence too. I try to keep this blog politically clean and issue-free - but I felt this addressed an important aspect of humanity that I, in all my flaws as a human, still try to maintain. I'm sure you all have heard and read of the horrific events that occured in Mumbai, and especially so for Singaporeans who heard of the beautiful Singaporean lady who was taken hostage and eventually killed. I heard today on the news, that she was so spirited and in the words of her own sister, "so fashion-forward", that even in her last moment, they all agreed to dress her in her best - red cheongsam, her favourite Hermès bag, shoes and earrings.

With all this sadness and drama, you would imagine the heightened sensitivity people would accord to acts of terrorism. And yesterday at Japanese class, I witnessed a bunch of...(I was going to call them nitwits, but I shan't, though I just have, subtlely. Haha :p) boys display the exact opposite. The event went down as follows:

1) Sensei instructs us to pair up. Boy A and Boy B are paired with separate people.

2) The topic of the conversations the pairs are supposed to construct goes like this:
X: "How was your holiday?"
Y: "Oh, it was interesting, but it was insert negative adjective of choice."
X: "Oh that's too bad. What happened?"
Y: "insert description of negative situation here (using passive verbs, as that was the lesson of the day)
X: "Oh no. That must have been hard."

What do you supposed the ingenious Boy A came up with? Well, it went something like this:
Partner: "How was your holiday?"
Boy A: "Oh, it was interesting, but it was dangerous."
Partner: "Oh that's too bad. What happened?"
Boy A: "I was in ____ Hotel (mind you, he used the exact name of one of the hotels, I'm not going to repeat it here), and suddenly terrorists came in and I was almost killed by them. (Note the impressive usage of passive verbs, and the not-so-impressive lack of brains.)
Partner: "Oh no. That must have been hard."

As "icing" to this otherwise absolutely "delectable" fictional account, his friend Boy B, promptly shouts from the other end of the classroom:
"What a pity! You survived!"

I understand that laughter is the best medicine, humour helps dissolve tension blah blah blah. This is life and death here - wherein lies a delicate tension that we must treat with the utmost reverence, especially when it isn't our own life or death we are talking about. There are others, wishing to heavens their loved ones had survived. There is pain so hard in this world it is like a tightly-clenched fist knocking into your teeth everywhere you walk. There is tension in the world so sharp it cuts anyone who simply walks into the wrong place at the wrong time. It's times like these you are grateful that you have clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, windows in your rooms and a meal waiting for you back home.

There is *~dRaMa~* and there is drama. Know which one to avoid, and which one to respect.