Sunday, October 26

Viktor & Rolf in Tokyo

When I was in Tokyo in May 2006. I was wandering around the famous Shibuya area and came across this 5-storey building that carried just, the best mix ever of the best names. I remember my jaw dropping at the gorgeous first floor that was covered with those famous silver arcs from where gorgeous Marni outfits were hanging.

It was at the fifth storey, that I came across a boutique carrying McQueen, Hussein Chayalan. Demeulemeester, Galliano, and of course, Viktor & Rolf.

Here is one of those tops that I had recognised, and had to try on instantly.

After the whole thing, the lovely sales associate at the store passed me a brand new copy of the Viktor & Rolf catalogue.

This is why I must return to Tokyo.

Wednesday, October 22

相変わらず きれいだね...

Source: tfs
髪のスタイルが 大好き!
This makes me doubly glad I cut my hair.
So, so beautiful. ♥

Thank You Wellie Much

Dear Rachel:
On account of our unique relationship
based on verbal abuse and gift debts;
Won't you please get me these lovely
black patent Burberry Wellies?
You know how much I love wellies,
and one Pucci pair hardly counts as enough.
S'il vous plaît? ;)


The reason I began this blog

What reason is there to not love this girl?
It is also impossible to not be envious of her.

I've been wanting to post about this girl for a while now.
Meet Camille: Tall, leggy, beautiful.
But most of all: Savvy, creative, sophisticated, intelligent.
She is a real-life inspiration, and she needs to make more
of her gorgeous puff skirts and ship them to Singapore! ;)
Check her out here.

Wednesday, October 15

Black and Candy

It seems like black and candy is my new favourite...theme? Combination? It all started with that Steve Madden box, and now, my pale pink Anna Sui nails with my severely-black Steve Madden heels.

And now this these:

Maison Martin Margiela
Large Leather Sac Bag

Marc Jacobs Collection
Daydream Suvi Bag

Sunday, October 5

my bathroom glows

A new photoshoot has just been finished!
They'll be up once some of them have been
'fine-tuned'. But it was a great shoot & a real
learning experience. Look out for my Shu Uemura
drama-mama end-lashes. Also, STARS IS HEADED TO SINGAPORE OMG!
btw: its rach's bathroom, not mine :)