Sunday, November 30

A Kind of Wunder

I was browsing through the collections at when I stumbled across Wunderkind. What I really liked from the collection (aside from the whimsical colours and prints) were these silhouettes:

Flirty, floaty dresses matched with tomboy-ish hats and boots. And those below-the-knee stockings! So very, very cute.

Happy Sunday

So, some spare cash trickled in from an odd job I did for an ex-colleague of mine, and I decided it was time to go shopping. I mentioned in a previous post that I was saving up for these River Island heels, but as it turns out, they weren't as comfortable as I remembered. For the price (SGD240), I felt that they weren't a very good investment, gorgeous as they are. In the effort to forget my disappointment, I went window-shopping, not expecting to see anything particular... AND THEN I FOUND THESE:

Gray, suede, comfortable, and just what I had in mind - for less than half the price of the other shoes I wanted to buy! I love these so much, I just had to do an outfit post about it. Btw, this is the first time I've ever used the self-timer on my camera. That was a learning experience in itself. I guess that means more outfit posts in the future, and you can definitely expect these booties to show up again!

Beret, Hong Kong
White tank, Pull and Bear
Gray jeans, Cheap Monday
Gray booties, Zara

Hui, I haven't forgotten the bag. Wait till i get my scholarship allowance. I'll ignore my food, transport and other needs and buy you a Givenchy Nightingale instead. Because, well, priorities. My friends have to look good.

Hai, chotto matta kara, purezento onegaishimasu..

Dear Rachel,

I know you love me very much. As it happens, I happen to love myself very much too. So why don't you just get me that lovely bag I was talking about as well as the very chic, very simple present that you hope will rock my socks off. As you know, I don't wear socks very often, so it will rock the next best thing off me - perhaps my t-shirt? You might have to give me the present in private.

P.S. I have decided to start tagging these posts as Dear..., because I think they should be tracked, for future reference needs, should we need a good laugh.

Always waiting on your gift debts,

sore wa... chotto...

Dear Hui,

As you know, I love you very much:

and I would gladly trade in the shades and shoes for the Maison Martin Margiela sac bag because it is truly gorgeous and you deserve it. However, I doubt the gifts you have given me will fetch a good enough price on eBay as second-hand items (lovely as they are), to cover the cost of that beautiful pink satin. Besides, I still love them dearly (I just wore the shades yesterday and they still make me feel like a million bucks). Also, I have gotten you a very chic, very simple present that I hope will rock your socks off.


Saturday, November 29

tomodachi desu kara..

Dear Rachel,

This is the Maison Martin Margiela Small Satin Sac Bag. There is one in black but it's in leather so I don't really want that (although it's fine if you should so choose). As my birthday draws near, and as this product is on sale, please get it for me. In red, as shown in the picture. It is much appreciated. Should you not have enough money, you may sell your Chanel shades or your silver wedges. I will not be upset.

Arigatou gozaimasu

Gros bises,

Scarving Myself

Having been inspired by an ensemble of well-draped and fastened scarves by Natalia who runs Fashion Rubies, I dug up some old photos from when Rachel and I messed with the Lanvin dress and had wrapped it nonchalantly across my neck to function as a thick scarf.

The effect is kind of kooky - which always works for me. And it was comfortable too because the dress felt light and was in fact, an ideal scarf for this sunny spot of a country we call home.

I'm going to do that one day - wear my dress out as a scarf. Should be fun. ;)

Friday, November 28

j'ai besoin de dormir

I have just come back from a rather tiring but strangely eventful office retreat. The working world is no joke - it's pure hilarity. No, I'm just kidding. Haha. I'm also blabbering because I desperately need a shower, absolutely need to sleep, and am still mildly intoxicated...*wink*

I can't get over this Lanvin dress. Speaking of which, new photoshoot soon! Promise! Rachel has new stuff and I have new ideas which can only mean great things are happening. :D

A special shout-out to a new friend who has linked us and has a beautiful blog - both visually and philosophically. A great, big hello to Alize!

Country Pride!

I finally got around to looking up this season's collection for local brand All Dressed Up, and as expected, I was blown away. The colour palette, as always, is so so pretty. And the detailing is original yet subtle. Looks like there's design talent in Singapore's veins after all.

Wednesday, November 26

Hullo Luv

The next thing I'm saving up for. I can see them with all my outfits already.

Tuesday, November 25

A Walker to Remember

source: fotodecadent

I have just bought British Vogue for this fabulous and incredibly quirky editorial. It is by Tim Walker, one of my favourite fashion photographers, and is inspired by the works of yet another creative genius, Roald Dahl.

It is as delicious as that giant peach of James'.

I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret

Taken a long time ago. When I, Hui, still had long hair and was experimenting with bangs - hence the really weird bangs.

I love that beaded pouch. A dear gift I've had for years from a dear friend. I just love all the red in this picture. Rachel and I are preparing for a new shoot soon! So hang in there, folks! Love to all :) Especially to La C the Lovely who keeps a fascinating blog with opinions I always love to read - yet always takes the time to visit us. Thank you, lovely! :)

Fake a Lomo

I've just found the most amazing thing. It's called Poladroid and it turns your regular digital photos into artsy cool little polaroids. Oh joy joy joy. ♥

Monday, November 24

Will someone tell me who this DARLING GIRL is, who models for the 3.1 Phillip Lim children's line on If that isn't the cutest, not to mention the happiest smile in the whole world, then I don't know what is. Check out her whole series of shots for the collection here. She is so cute that even though the clothes are really enviably awesome, my eyes just skip them and go straight to that laughing face of hers! I am dying from her sweetness. But she's not all sugar, she certainly knows how to rock the look too!

Bless your dear heart, you sweet little cupcake! :)

De-fendi-ng myself

I have a strange new obsession with key chains and bag charms. I've always liked charms in general, but this particular one for bags. What is wrong with me? Maybe it's because my sole Vuitton piece looks incredibly tacky and boring and I need something to, liven it up. I don't know. Whatever it is, I feel exactly like this Fendi Bambino Charm now. The cough isn't helping. I think I smoke too much.

Haha, what am I saying. How can one ever smoke too much? :p

Here are some others, for your viewing pleasure, and to add fuel to my fire of envy. HAHAHA. I'm going bonkers, people!!

Midori Days

I get jealous for all the wrong reasons. This post has nothing to do with fashion - except for the 2 gorgeous pictures above. There is a lot of tension, for sure. *grits teeth*

Does anyone know why green is associated with envy? What is the story behind it?

Sunday, November 23

For The Love Of Lanvin

This lovely Lanvin piece was a dress I bought from a friend who had bought it from some little store that sold treasures like this on some small street in Singapore. She found no occasion to wear it, and so asked if I was interested.

And this was my thought process:
It was Lanvin.
It was light and comfortable.
It had a beautiful, black, inky sort-of graphic messily placed all over.
It was simply too lovely.

I am so glad I own this now. We've done a couple shoots with this dress and Rachel's silver wedges. I hope I've done it justice. It's such a beauty, no?

salut encore, encore!

As temperatures drop in faraway places, things are only heating up in Singapore. I tell ya, the sun's been pretty intolerable today! Anyway, it's made me long for Europe and I've dug up another photo Hui and I took on that Paris trip. See, she can look normal.. and better than that, sweet! I hate that she always manages to effortlessly give off a japanese vibe when she dresses. Oh and here's that beret i was talking about a couple entries ago..

More up-to-date photos coming soon, once we can steal some time off to take them!

Saturday, November 22

Hello again!

We would like to say hello to a few new readers who have left some sweet comments on our blog - Hello!

I thought I'd put up a picture of us 2 to show that this blog is run by 2 girls. It is a very old picture I'm afraid, as I still have my long hair. In any case, I think this is one of those definitive photos of Rachel and I: me making a crazy face and Rachel looking normal (i.e. not with crazy in her veins) and with lovely luscious hair. I always tie my hair up, because it never flows nicely like hers!

This picture was taken at the Louvre in Paris. Paris nous manque!

Ethical Treatment

The only type of animal branding I will condone.

Everyone, meet my lovely Beagle, Bridgette, who poses nicely with a very old hand-me-down Vuitton piece. Not the prettiest, but very functional. And the leather, if well taken care of, will last for ages! It's already in very good condition, considering it's over a decade old!

My dog, on the other hand, is very pretty, functional in that she always makes me happy, and I hope she's well taken care of, and will last for ages! I love her to bits. :)

Good morning!

Bus Stop Snap

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been a bad blogger (although Hui's diligence well makes up for it). Here's a snap of me and my sister on some random night, waiting for the bus. I can't remember what we were doing out although it was just last week. Ugh to my failing memory. For some reason, we're both in white tanks. You can't really see, but I'm wearing my fave furry black beret. It'll probably show up again in future posts. Till then!

Friday, November 21

Working Blues

This is what I wore to work today:

And when I went home, I decided to play around with the outfit before taking a shower:

It's Friday at last!

Bag Candy, s'il vous plaît

Is it wrong, to want something so tiny, so expensive, but so damn delicious? father is in Paris right now..:p

Here are more yummy-looking things. Sigh.