Wednesday, November 19

Channelling Apples

Picture courtesy of Weiliang, who has captured some of my favourite personal photos. :)

So, it's been a pretty depressing past few posts I know. We all have good days and bad days. I've been cheering myself up with lots of Shiina Ringo; whether it's her music, her interviews, her live performances or her sheer beauty & eclecticism.

I like this photo - as it is one of the best photos of my hair looking like hers when she performed ギャンブル/Gamble live. It's my personal favourite hair-style of hers, and me getting my hair cut at the very same time I discovered her was a cosmic coincidence, I believe, i.e. meant to be. (I can hear you all laughing. :p) This performance is heart-stopping, and I swear she cries at the end. There is of course no need to mention how amazing this song is (as well as the amazing movie it was used for), although I've just done so. Haha. :) Gomenasai.

Enjoy, all you lovelies.
Be happy, and when you are, stay happy for as long as you can before the next fall - you know it's gonna come back.

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Anonymous said...

your hair is too cute :)

La C