Saturday, November 22

Ethical Treatment

The only type of animal branding I will condone.

Everyone, meet my lovely Beagle, Bridgette, who poses nicely with a very old hand-me-down Vuitton piece. Not the prettiest, but very functional. And the leather, if well taken care of, will last for ages! It's already in very good condition, considering it's over a decade old!

My dog, on the other hand, is very pretty, functional in that she always makes me happy, and I hope she's well taken care of, and will last for ages! I love her to bits. :)

Good morning!


WendyB said...

Hi there! So glad you like the Siobhan ring. The piece that comes closest in silver is the Evelina ring. I don't do it with gems because that makes it more expensive -- to the point where for most clients, it defeats the purpose of doing silver in the first place. But I'm always happy to take custom orders for people who know what they like!

MR style said...

haha so cute !! lovin it

The Frocker said...

Your pup is one of the best models I've seen lately! :)