Sunday, November 30

Hai, chotto matta kara, purezento onegaishimasu..

Dear Rachel,

I know you love me very much. As it happens, I happen to love myself very much too. So why don't you just get me that lovely bag I was talking about as well as the very chic, very simple present that you hope will rock my socks off. As you know, I don't wear socks very often, so it will rock the next best thing off me - perhaps my t-shirt? You might have to give me the present in private.

P.S. I have decided to start tagging these posts as Dear..., because I think they should be tracked, for future reference needs, should we need a good laugh.

Always waiting on your gift debts,

1 comment:

CapuccinoB. said...

hahahah, hope you get your bag!