Saturday, December 20

...And Hit Me Up 'Cos Baby You Look Fantastic

How's the weekend going for all you beautiful people? This photo was taken at a brand new club called Zirca that's just opened in Singapore. It was a little gimmicky with cabaret inspired performances and girls in feathered masks dancing through the crowd, but the decor was gorgeous and the music was, well, let's just say I danced the night away! Throw in some free lychee martinis and fabulous company, and you get an enormously fun night.

I'm just exhausted. It's been a week of shopping, clubbing, barbecues, catching up with my cousin from Perth... phew. It's Saturday night and I'm taking a breather... until my sister and her friends pop by with a bottle of Absolut ;). Talk about a great holiday. More posts soon... after some of this madness subsides. Hui and I have a photo shoot on the way! ♥


Kvestelser said...

It sounds great, I am looking forward to the photoshoot!

Merry Christmas!

Hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

lucky youuu i wish i could go clubbing! and i have the perfect outfit too!

rachel, well, lena rachel, more like it - haha! yes you can be lena! :)

La C.