Wednesday, December 17

Let Them Eat *Birthday* Cake!

Aw, Hui called me a gift from the gods!! *blushes*

Well dear readers, I'll have you know that I thank God for a friend like Hui too. This is a cake which she baked for my 22nd birthday last year (yes that makes me 23). It was really really sweet - both the cake and Hui's gesture. Once again, it showcases our general insanity. You should have seen us laugh when we brought the cake out and everyone in the room went... "HUH?!". Of course, I had to add that second photo because... I really have no memory of what we were doing/thinking at that precise moment the camera snapped this photo. Add that to the tons of inexplicable photos we have. Here's one more for the road:

For those of you with macs who have not yet discovered this, check out! Hours of instant fun ;)


Anonymous said...

oh mylanta.
that cake is brilliant.
and happyyy happy birthday!! :)

La C.

Kvestelser said...

HUH?! That's genius! And your friendship is too :)

Vintage Tea said...

Soo cute


Anonymous said...

hahah the birthday cake idea is adorable and genius. mmm and instant polaroids? sign me up!

happy birthday (: