Monday, December 8

Burger King Queens

I agree with MR Style, Rachel totally rocks this loose-fitted top+shorts+boots combination! Hence, another picture of her looking really pretty. She denies that she looks lovely in this series of photos but I'm just gonna dig these pictures out and display them for the world to prove my point. You look lovely, babe! Ain't no lie!

This little night shoot we had was taken on our Quantum of Solace date, where we both squealed like little girls at the awesomeness that was Daniel Craig. We were certainly shaken, and very stirred. The Burger King take-outs looked very 'crack-is-whack' possibly due to the brown paper bag. Oh well, we were feeling kind of high anyway, so it added a strangely appropriate coherence to our shoot.

Thank you all you lovelies for coming to visit our blog, leaving really fun comments and really engaging in our posts! We hope you like what we wear too, because that was the main purpose really - to showcase our style, or lack of. Haha. As the Japanese say, yoroshiku onegaishimasu which is similar to what we say in Mandarin as qing duo duo ji zhiao which in English would roughly translate to: "Please take us under your wing of instruction". And we do ask that in all earnestness!

Much love to all :)


Anonymous said...

once again, you ladies are soo adorable :) and you have style!!

La C.

Merily said...

she does,

Shini said...

hah love the frankness of the shot with burger king bags!