Monday, December 1


Post-note: I am sorry for this incredibly long post today. It's just something I needed to get off my chest. Hopefully I won't need to make such posts often. Btw, we're already gaining a small number of regular readers and I just want to say that you all mean a lot to Rachel and I as this blog holds a precious place in our hearts. We say that with all sincerity. Thank you for stopping by. :) ♥

Having just come from the comments page of La C's blog and encountering a small bit of potential-drama there, it saddens me that people choose to make big fusses out of things. And by people I don't mean La Lovely herself. I am referring to someone who posted a comment obviously meaning to provoke some kind of reaction - and a negative one at that. Granted, there are some people who deserve those sorts of comments, to take them down a notch a little, to send them back to earth. But really, when people are living their lives, loving their loves and being their beings, why should you come and tell us what to do and why what we're doing is wrong? If we were causing grevious hurt to someone or bore any sort of negative implications - then yes, please tell us what we're doing wrong or right. Otherwise, really, what were those comments for? Other than to (for lack of a better phrase) "stir shit"? Really. Such drama is useless.

Which brings to mind another piece of drama, or another type of drama that people perhaps don't accord enough reverence too. I try to keep this blog politically clean and issue-free - but I felt this addressed an important aspect of humanity that I, in all my flaws as a human, still try to maintain. I'm sure you all have heard and read of the horrific events that occured in Mumbai, and especially so for Singaporeans who heard of the beautiful Singaporean lady who was taken hostage and eventually killed. I heard today on the news, that she was so spirited and in the words of her own sister, "so fashion-forward", that even in her last moment, they all agreed to dress her in her best - red cheongsam, her favourite Hermès bag, shoes and earrings.

With all this sadness and drama, you would imagine the heightened sensitivity people would accord to acts of terrorism. And yesterday at Japanese class, I witnessed a bunch of...(I was going to call them nitwits, but I shan't, though I just have, subtlely. Haha :p) boys display the exact opposite. The event went down as follows:

1) Sensei instructs us to pair up. Boy A and Boy B are paired with separate people.

2) The topic of the conversations the pairs are supposed to construct goes like this:
X: "How was your holiday?"
Y: "Oh, it was interesting, but it was insert negative adjective of choice."
X: "Oh that's too bad. What happened?"
Y: "insert description of negative situation here (using passive verbs, as that was the lesson of the day)
X: "Oh no. That must have been hard."

What do you supposed the ingenious Boy A came up with? Well, it went something like this:
Partner: "How was your holiday?"
Boy A: "Oh, it was interesting, but it was dangerous."
Partner: "Oh that's too bad. What happened?"
Boy A: "I was in ____ Hotel (mind you, he used the exact name of one of the hotels, I'm not going to repeat it here), and suddenly terrorists came in and I was almost killed by them. (Note the impressive usage of passive verbs, and the not-so-impressive lack of brains.)
Partner: "Oh no. That must have been hard."

As "icing" to this otherwise absolutely "delectable" fictional account, his friend Boy B, promptly shouts from the other end of the classroom:
"What a pity! You survived!"

I understand that laughter is the best medicine, humour helps dissolve tension blah blah blah. This is life and death here - wherein lies a delicate tension that we must treat with the utmost reverence, especially when it isn't our own life or death we are talking about. There are others, wishing to heavens their loved ones had survived. There is pain so hard in this world it is like a tightly-clenched fist knocking into your teeth everywhere you walk. There is tension in the world so sharp it cuts anyone who simply walks into the wrong place at the wrong time. It's times like these you are grateful that you have clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, windows in your rooms and a meal waiting for you back home.

There is *~dRaMa~* and there is drama. Know which one to avoid, and which one to respect.


Anonymous said...

that last paragraph, about tension, was written sooo beautifully. as cheesy as it sounds, the word seemed to have come alive.

and you are so right. oh, drama. i try to ignore it. i did try to ignore that comment, but me, in all my pride, needed to defend myself (haha). in the end i just laugh it off. after all, when i have a hater, i know i've got those who love my blog. hahaha (i really am not that vain)

La C.

ps - you can call yourself eloise! but you're so fabulous you really don't need to. :) i love you girls!

Rachel said...

Those boys are nitwits. Babe, you had something to say and you said it well. No need to apologise for length (brings me back to our project-filled days...aaarrghh- *remembers they are over and breathes*)!