Tuesday, December 9

Giant Days Ahead

My dear Rachel,

As you know, I was at the Balenciaga store the other day and realised they were selling the Giant Day Bag at a ridiculously awesome price. I am not earning much, but I could have afforded it. However, it being a Balenciaga and still generally out of my price range despite having been employed for a while now, I decided not to buy it. Even though the store had it in the exact colour I wanted, with the exact type of hardware I wanted.

With this knowledge therefore, I bless you, on your journey forth to procure this beautiful piece for me. I know you can, I know you will, I know you want to. With this bag, our friendship is elevated, to a level no other friends can ever hope to achieve. I love you dearly. And I hope that in your reciprocation of my love, you get this bag for me. I'll let you pick the colour. Just no gold hardware please.

A blessed Christmas to you, and hopefully me too.

Your dearest, dearest friend,

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Anonymous said...

balenciaga. their bags make me swoon, particularly their motorcycle one. if i could, darling, i would buy you the one you want! only, my assets are currently lacking...

love you eloise! ;]

La C.