Thursday, December 25

Pink Holly & Mistletoe

Dear Rachel,

As you know, Christmas is here. In fact, in a matter of hours, Christmas will be over here in Singapore. However, why let the gift-giving and the spirit of love end here? Why let such positive feelings end after a mere 24 hours? Hence, I present to you, a colour request:

I would like, in bright pink or its variants (magenta, fuschia etc.), the following items:
1) A medium or large-ish bag in either Thai silk or patent leather
2) A pair of ballet flats - preferably in patent leather
3) Lipstick - just for the fun of it. :p

Many thanks and arigatous and I hope you had a blessed Christmas in blessing mine.

Love always now and forever more and sealed with the wettest kiss ever,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

those shoes are amazing. & i hope you had the loveliest of christmases, SEAH! haha, it's so much easier to create little acronyms. ;]

La C.