Tuesday, February 17

Kings & Court Jesters

Hello loves. In case you thought we've died, we haven't. In many ways we have. For instance, I certainly have in terms of work and academic frustration despite being out of school. Sigh. But no fear, we are still here and we remember all of you. We still have Johanne's tag to work on. I've not forgotten it, my dear! :)

And well, La C a.k.a La Lovely has given us an award. Really, the support she has shown for our blog has been so immense. We have no words, La C! We are so incredibly touched.

Merci beaucoup. ♥

And well, I just thought I'd post some of the billion photoshoot pictures we have. Here is my favourite one of Rachel. I think she looks great here. It's so unfair that my shades always look better on her. Haha. :D Oh well. I still love her nonetheless. Mainly because we can share shoes. Hahahahahaha....

Love to all, and I hope you're all doing much better than I am at least.


La Couturier said...

The award is well deserved, for (1) this fab blog (2) fab photo shoots (3) most importantly, you two lovely ladies!!

I always love reading your comments. They are the sweetest, always, & make my day so much better! So thank you, thank you, thank you! Or shall I say merci beaucoup, since we will meet in Paris one day? =]

La C.

Jei said...

Loving the photos & the outfits especially. That king of diamonds tee is pretty gangsterrr :).