Friday, February 6


What I would give to be a student again, and to wear these super duper ensembles to class. What I would give. Presenting, just a few Limi Feu favourites.

I will find a way to incorporate this into my office looks - look at the gratuituous use of shirts! And I have some crazy pants that could achieve those kinds of looks.

And when is that damn Y-3 store going to open in Singapore! Finish the construction soon please!!

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Anonymous said...

Limi Feu's work is really fantastic, a pity she's not very talked about...

I like that her models don't fall into the stereotype of current skinny Russian models - I love some of them though, like 'The Balmain girls' hehe!

Anyway, the clothes are amazing, love that black & white contrast.. it reminds me of Rei Kawakubo in some sense.

Have a good Monday Girls! xxx