Wednesday, February 4

A Lapse In Space And Tam

I'm sure I'm very late on this particular bandwagon. But this was the first thing that leapt at me when I signed in to MSN this morning:

That's right, my beautiful Time Lords and Lordettes. This is the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition. A laptop from HP (Hewlett-Packard), exclusively made beautiful by Vivienne Tam. It is no secret that I love the two Viviennes: the Westwood and the Tam. They even share the same spelling of the name, which in my opinion, is the best way to spell "Vivienne".

What made me sit up and gasp and nearly drop my sandwich when I saw this laptop? Well, for one it's so signaturely Vivienne Tam. How is one not to gasp? Secondly, the red is striking but not an eyesore. And this is because of the gentle way the peonies streak across the red, softening the bold colour into perfect balance. I also love that the inside of the laptop i.e. the keypad and the border around the screen are all flushed with the red of the cover. There is nothing I like more than a solid colour that weaves through the whole product, sealing it in aesthetic completion. This is something I'm very particular about, particularly for shoes. There is nothing worse than a shoe of a beautiful shape in a beautiful colour, being ruined by an unsightly, jarring, wrongly-coloured and shaped heel. There is something about the flush, that I love. Even in Poker, a flush is very much desired, not that it has any relation to this post whatsoever haha. :D

Oh and did I mention? It's called the HP Mini because it's light. So light you can carry it as a clutch. And a digital clutch for that matter.

So, so pretty! And so, so functional! What I would have done to have had this as a student. The lightness would have come in very, very useful. Ah well, doesn't hurt to just admire it from pictures and hope that someone asks Vivienne Westwood soon to put her mark on something technological.

Fashion and Machines. Yum. ♥


La Couturier said...

oh gosh.

i want that.

like NOW.

La C.


Modelizer said...

I almost almost almost stopped being a mac snob and bought the normal edition because it's so light and cute and not as overpriced as the macbook air. But I couldn't get past my mac snobbery :(