Wednesday, March 25

Bowi(e)ng Before Royalty

I want to be this man. He is just, I don't know. I can't describe him. Words are failing me this morning.

In response to Too Many Tight's comment: I don't quite know, I'm afraid. :/

In any case, I do love your site, and am considering some purchases already. I don't care if I live in the tropics, I really should wear tights a little more often. Considering I'm always freezing my arse off anyway, these blasted refrigerators offices...


Too Many Tights said...

Well, thanks for the plug :)

As to the "Sometimes, you really wonder why you try." - I can sympathize! I jut spent an hour in peak hour traffic after 9 hours at the markets selling my creations. The glamorous life of a designer...!

I live in the tropics too.

La Couturier said...

Oh Bowie. =]

Haha I love what you did with your name. You shall be SEAH!ui from here on forth!

And I know; what is it about fuschia? It’s brightness? Ability to turn heads and be obnoxious? Or the fact that it’s a grown up version of pretty, pastel, Barbie pink? We shall never know. And it surprised me as well that despite my leanings towards black and grays (I swear we must be twins), I still have this penchant for fuschia.

And thank you! You are the sweetest!

*Bisous bisous*