Tuesday, March 3

An Ice Lolly, You Say? Well I'd Gladly Suck On It.

A little warning of some madness ahead, but I promise to keep it short.

There is so much LOVE I feel after the combination of two powerful loves that I can hardly contain myself. It is almost so powerful that it is stripping me of my woes at work and my worries at dance.

What do you get when you combine Lacroix Haute Couture with my beloved Tilda Swinton? You get utter fabulousness that would outshine the moon, and me melting into a puddle of girly goo. THE LOVE. THE LOVE!!! Despite all the hate that has been floating around for this ensemble of hers. All I can say do feel eat peel preen prove is my utter complete LOVE. Ugh. SO FAB ♥

The awesomeness cannot be contained.

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Jei said...

I think it looks a lot better on Tilda :).