Wednesday, April 22

The Boyfriend Tee

Since I'm not tall enough to wear the "boyfriend" jeans (though I desperately want to), I've learnt to make do with the "boyfriend" t-shirt. I'm rather proud of this t-shirt. For you see, it was a t-shirt I had designed for my lovely boyfriend for his birthday last year. Can you guess the date of his birthday? :) I liked his t-shirt so much that I gave it to him, planted him a birthday kiss, and promptly borrowed it indefinitely.

Ah, 'tis the taste of true love. :p


CapuccinoB. said...

The boyfriend tee
How great :D


Kay said...

Fantastic designing skills (: I love it! Always a good tactic, stealing the boy's clothes

clairegrenade said...

I loooooove the loose shirt with the fitted, angled boots

fabulous combintation

La Couturier said...

I very so much agree.

I am too short to wear boyfriend jeans, so I resort to the boyfriend tee - they make fabulous dresses with heels! =] Or oversized shirts I steal from my guy friends =]

La C.