Friday, April 17

Into The Blue

Words cannot describe how much I miss my blue hair. ♥

And so I shall leave you with pictures, of what are now memories.


I realised I don't have many recent shots of my current super short hair. I will wait until I meet Rachel again, after all her exams end, and also when I am less frazzled. I will get her to take some pictures of my hair, and also, the Vivienne Westwood bag that I had wanted a long time back which I had finally gotten sometime back. It's really, really lovely and I can't wait to get some photos done to show you guys.

Love to all. ♥


Victoria C said...

Very cool blue hair! I used to have colour in mine and it was always a fun surprise xo

La Couturier said...

Do post photos of your current hair & bag!!

To Rachel: best of luck on all those exams!!

I love the blue hair =] I'm terribly afraid to dye my hair any color, so for now, I shall admire it on my blogtwin =]

La C.

tis serendipity said...

I'm totally loving that second photo... blue hair is awesome!! I've never seen anyone pull of such a color with such flair!

Anonymous said...

Great hair! (the new cut too!) :) I want to see the bag! I cannot dye my hair either, it's all natural, but sometimes it really looks fabulous on some girls, and you're definitely one of them!
Good luck to Rachel for her exams!! I'm myself struggling with essays!! xxx