Monday, April 13

To Be Made Of Glass

Lace gloves. Eyeshadow bleeding from lower eyelid. Soulful eyes. Sparkly cracked red heart. Stretched fingers. Hidden but awesome looking t-shirt. Long black hair with bangs.

Ladies and gentlemen, Natasha Khan.

I am in awe.


La Couturier said...

Um. Love. =] The lace gloves make the look!

Your massive comments = life!!! I love them <3! This week shall be better! I can feel it in my bones. Well, probably because I just ordered a massive amount of clothes online, and I'm too excited for it to come in the mail. Oops - oh well. It was birthday money, though, so I don't feel too bad now.

Hope your Monday was fabulous, SEAH!ui <3

La Couturier said...

P.S.: You should join Twitter =] It is so ridiculously fun!