Friday, November 28

j'ai besoin de dormir

I have just come back from a rather tiring but strangely eventful office retreat. The working world is no joke - it's pure hilarity. No, I'm just kidding. Haha. I'm also blabbering because I desperately need a shower, absolutely need to sleep, and am still mildly intoxicated...*wink*

I can't get over this Lanvin dress. Speaking of which, new photoshoot soon! Promise! Rachel has new stuff and I have new ideas which can only mean great things are happening. :D

A special shout-out to a new friend who has linked us and has a beautiful blog - both visually and philosophically. A great, big hello to Alize!


Rachel said...

intoxication rocks *sways*

Anonymous said...


sooo incredibly beautiful!!! intoxicated or not, you can still dress beautifully.

La C.

natalia said...

you are beautiful! and your style.