Saturday, November 29

Scarving Myself

Having been inspired by an ensemble of well-draped and fastened scarves by Natalia who runs Fashion Rubies, I dug up some old photos from when Rachel and I messed with the Lanvin dress and had wrapped it nonchalantly across my neck to function as a thick scarf.

The effect is kind of kooky - which always works for me. And it was comfortable too because the dress felt light and was in fact, an ideal scarf for this sunny spot of a country we call home.

I'm going to do that one day - wear my dress out as a scarf. Should be fun. ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love that! it's sooo innovative!

& your comment seriously made my day - oh wait, maybe my year! i've always written a lot in my posts (one of the main reasons why i started a blog was because i loved to write). & i know a lot of my readers probably just look at the images or skim through. so thank you soooo much!!

La C.