Wednesday, December 31

Answering Questions

First up, thanks to all for your absolutely sweet comments! You guys made Rachel's and my day very much as we were very happy with that photoshoot. Hopefully we'll get to put more up and share with you the wonderful pictures that emerged from that shoot! :)

Secondly, we've been asked 2 questions and we're going to answer them here. Happy reading. :)

1) Johanne who runs Kvestelser asked where I got these shoes from, which I also put up in the picture above.
These shoes are from a now-defunct (and I don't know why they've disappeared :/) Singaporean brand that sold the best pop-art inspired, quirky, one-of-a-kind shoes that were of very good quality. The ones I'm wearing are black patent mary-janes from now-defunct, nué. It was about 220SGD which is approximately ₤106.

2) The lovely Capuccino B asked where Rachel and I live i.e. where we are from.
We are both Singaporeans and we live in our little dot of a country, Singapore, which you can read all about here. If you are aware of Fashion Nation, they are from Singapore as well.

There you have it! We hope you've enjoyed learning about us. :) We love you all, and come back soon! We will post more from our shoots, promise. ♥

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Kvestelser said...

Thanks for answering my question, the shoes are fabulous! And also Hui, I love your hair!

Happy new year to both of you!