Monday, December 29

The Hotness of Hui

Doesn't Hui look absolutely luscious here? This is a shot we sort of lucked into, whilst playing around with light and poses in my room. More on the way ♥

And dearest Hui, please go buy yourself the Ebury. Or actually, get the Vernice. Get both.


Kvestelser said...

The new header is great! And in one of the last posts (I am catching up now!) Hui wore a red dress and some black shoes which were... wantable. Were did you get those? Please post some more of those lipstick- and flowerpictures :D


(melissa) life . style . dissected said...

you both are hysterical!
i adore reading all your back and forths so much.

and yes, this picture is gorgeous.
more please!!!!!

wishing you both the most fabulous and happy 2009!


CapuccinoB. said...

wowowowow! yes yes, i totally agree with you Rachel!

Btw, where do you live? In which country?

Happy new year!! (I may tell you this more than one time these days, haha)


Bella said...

Wow... my jaw just dropped!


la couturier said...

omg. hui you look unbelievably gorgeous!!! i can't even describe how amazing you look! what i would give to have a fraction of your gorgeousness & photogenic-ness! (i think i just made up a few words there ;])

La C.