Monday, December 15

Rules Of Engagement

If I can't kiss you, you can't be my friend.
Rachel lets me kiss her.
Therefore, she is my friend.
Yay! :D

Edit (by Rachel): Everyone, do not be fooled by the calm on my face. I was shaking on the inside. Just slightly traumatised. But they tell you to stay calm so as not to further aggravate a dangerous creature, which is what I was doing.

SPARKLY EDIT! (By Hui) Rachel loves me. She is just very shy about it. Hence this strange "aversion" she so claims. And please, I am far from dangerous...:p Rachel shakes on the inside all the time, and you know why? It's because she's shaking on the outside all the time! Because, Rachel PARTY-PARTY-PARTY-PARTY-PARTIES ALL THE TIME!!.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

ok fine, i LOVE THIS PHOTO OF US *places a big smackeroo on Hui's cheek*