Sunday, December 14

Stop! Hold The Press!

There is a madness that comes with friendship. And with friendship, comes love. Thus thereby ergo: LOVE IS MAD! :)

Okay, so it's just me that's mad. But honestly, who doesn't appreciate a little madness now and then in their lives?

These photos just made me so happy. It showcased our outfits, our fun, and our love for Yansy - the girl with the shortest hair in the picture. She had just come from the office, that dear girl, and let her hair down with us. Guest post soon okay? :)

Also, here is the mandatory fast-food take-out bag shot. Heck, it should get a tag of it's own...*asks Rachel*

Our love to all, encore une fois. ♥


Anonymous said...

sooooo adorable :]

La C.

Kvestelser said...

I love blogs that are not just about what the people writing it are wearing; but what and who they love, and all that jazz. It looks fun ^^


withasianstereotypes said...

Oooooooooooooooo! such cute picture baby. I love your hair! You have a lovely blog please continue being a source on unaltered brilliance!

♥, China L.