Thursday, December 11

Skirting the Issue, Part II

Hi again all! This is a new skirt of mine. I've never played with the bubble silhouette before, but this was just too adorable! Straight off, I liked its simplicity, and the high waist. Hui took one look at my outfit and dug out her gorgeous accessories - her Steve Madden gladiator heels, an old vintage silver belt, and her Emporio Armani shades. I just love having a friend with her own strong personal sense of style. It's great because I've got my own thing going, and when we mix our styles, the results are often unexpected... In a good way!

I would really love to attend a fashion show in this. Preferably with an It Bag on my arm, like the YSL Muse in black patent leather. Dreams.

We've been tagged by Melissa of life . style . dissected. Our very first tag! One post on our 7 personal details coming up!

P.P.S. This is Hui speaking, hello there everyone! Doesn't Rachel look gorgeous? That purple brings me back to Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2007 RTW. I wonder if I could call it "Spring 2007 PAP" instead, after prêt-à-porter. Haha, it's easier to pronounce as an acronym that's for sure.

Anyyvesy, I added this little note in here to thank our small but growing pool of readers who have stopped by and said hi and who appreciate all the fun and madness we have here. A mini shout-out, if you will, in alphabetical order:

The uber-cool CapuccinoB
The Frocker
Johanne(I hope I got your name right?)
La C a.k.a. La Lovely
Merily(whose face is to die for.)
The Minx
Molly Gray
MR Style
Ms Butterfly
Natalia (An absolute beauty..)
Wendy B (She's the creator of some pretty delicious jewellery...wants!!)

Phew. I hope I got everbody in! Sounds like we're taking a group photo, if only we could! It'd be so fun. :) Once again, love to all and thank you for making our tiny little blog so much more fun and giving us more reason to do photoshoots, dress up and just love ourselves for who we are. ♥


Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL!

La C.

Song of Style said...

lovely outfit. and so it the outfit from the previous post.
u guys are amazing!

(melissa) life . style . dissected said...

hey girls!
so glad to have found you and can't wait for your next post.