Friday, December 12

Dance With Me, Make Me Suede

This is another of those pictures that defines the madness that is my friendship with Rachel. As you can see, the only tension experienced is the tightness in our chests and stomachs from laughing too hard.

By the way, we will be posting up the "7 Personal Things" tag soon! Sorry we are taking so long!

Why the suede mention in the title, you ask? Well, Rachel's got her gray suede booties on, and I've got my black suede Gucci hand-me-down handbag from my aunt. Dancing randomly in the street with a cigarette in hand is a pretty neat feeling. Go try that some day.

How shall I per-suede you? :)


Kvestelser said...

I gave you an award, you'll find it at my blog :)

Such a cute picture!

SOS! said...

aw u guys are so cute!