Monday, December 29

Viva La Vivienne

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for the lovely pink nail polish that you got me for Christmas. I am sorry I could not help with the somewhat illegal gift I had gotten you. But I promised I will try and get it, some day some how.

In any case, let the festivities continue! I think we should celebrate! Especially since we've just finished our shoot as a haphazard entry for this competition here. We have to thank Erwin for giving us the heads up about this competition. Thank you Erwin.

What's more, we discovered some awesome accidental lighting that gave us some beautiful shots of flowers and lipsticks and tongues. How did we make it so beautiful? How did we capture such grace? I don't f-ing know but I am absolutely delighted.

Which is why I thought I should bring to your attention Vivienne Westwood's Ebury Bag in black. It is a beautiful bag and extremely affordable, at least if you sold everything you owned. My only problem with this bag is that it is 100% leather and I'm not really into leather, for various reasons. Which is why there is a slightly different version of this bag style-wise, the Large Two-Way Vernice Bag (Nero). What I like is, as with the Ebury, they have two strap options, have a great base and a quirky boxy shape. What is better about the Vernice is that it is made of patent leather, which always makes me a little happier than ordinary leather does.

So please, Rachel, spread the festive cheer!
Buy me a bag and I'll buy you a beer!

Vodka shots and what-nots,

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Anonymous said...

oh SEAH!. this bag is wonderful!

& i love the new header!

La C.