Thursday, January 1

Flowers, Lipstick and Light

I am still amazed at how these turned out. The lighting came from a little reading lamp by my bedside, but the effect is almost surreal. Throw in some fake flowers and those vivacious lips of Hui's and you have a touch of magic. Well, this is just a result of us messing about. I hope you lovelies like it!

It's 2009 everyone! Best wishes ahead. ♥


Merily said...

Thank you!
And Happy new year to you too!
Oh, and those shots really are amazing.

la couturier said...

incredibly beautiful. i really am at a lack of words right now. random bits of words are popping about my brain: perfect, impeccable, amazing, beautiful, evocative, EDITORIAL WORTHY.

love you girls!

La C.

ps - i find it amusing that the word verification code thingy i have to type in has hui's name in it. it reads: "huishin". :)

Anonymous said...

the second one could be a chanel ad.. totally!!!!!