Friday, January 2

Miuccia Gracias

Dear Rachel,

Yes, the title is a bad play on words for thank you in Spanish. But oh well, we are linguists at heart and idiots in brain, so I know you will forgive me as swiftly as a swallow flies. Remember my little colour request that I made on here? In which you replied so sweetly with the some lovely suggestions?

Well I'm sure you do remember. Now with such a post, won't I need to do some follow-up? Make a choice? Take a pick? And a choice I have a made, a pick I have taken, and lo and behold, I have decided that yes, you should get me the Miu Miu Bow-Front Flats. I think they pop just the right way and would be perfect for Chinese New Year Celebrations that are just around the corner. Furthermore, I like that even though they pop, they are incredibly simple and therefore terribly chic. That bow in the front adds just the right oomph without making it too hrmmmph, if you know what I mean from my onomatoepoeia.

So, yes, Rachel, I accept your offer of buying me the Miu Miu Bow-Front Flats. I think they are a great idea and I couldn't be more happy with this suggestion. Furthermore, you have always been aware that I've been looking for the absolute perfect pink shoe. This would probably be it. Well done, Rachel, and thank you very much. You are a true friend indeed. ♥

Lots of love and pink hearts,


Kvestelser said...

So cute! And word plays are fun, I am so geeky when it comes to that, argh... Anyways, the photoshoot really did turn out to be great. The flower pictures are very interesting, especially how you have not hidden that they are fake, and it makes a strange effect...

Happy New Chinese Year (what year are we in now, anyways?)

Anonymous said...

those are adorable! & i do love that play on words darling! :)

happy new year. & here's to a new year to a beautiful friendship!! <3