Saturday, January 10


Not to worry, our lovely lovelies! Our title is not some kind of html error with strange alphabets and symbols. What it is, is in fact, the start of our How Would You Wear It? series! We don't profess to be the best dressed people in the world, and we can only dream of being half as unique as some of the greatest fashion icons in the world. This means we are fashion mortals - With certain ensembles, we win some, we lose some. When presented with certain items of clothing or an accessory, we know some and we don't know some. This is where you, our wonderful friends and readers come in. We know you have scoured the blogverse and have seen some of the amazing things people have pulled out of their closets and put on themselves. We know some of you have some awesome ways of dressing up and some real kooky concepts that we absolutely adore. Hence, my loves, let us begin! With the very first post in our HWYWI? series. On to #1!

What:Almost-knee-high black suede boots with a slight heel
From?:A hand-me-down from my aunt but comes from a brand called Stephane Kélian, Paris. She got it from Barneys about 10 years ago.

What are the issues?:
1) They aren't zip up boots, which makes wearing them over even my tightest, skinniest jeans kind of a problem.
2) Without jeans/pants, the only options I have left are wearing them with tights or just bare-legged, of which the latter makes me feel a little bit on the skanky side. That is certainly a look I hope I never have.
3) The suede also tends to make any outfit just look a little too formal. So it seems casual wear is out of the picture.

Here is a picture of me showcasing the full height of the boots and the potential skanky effect it might have. Although I should add that I am sans pants in this picture.

So dear readers, the question I present to you is, how would you wear it? How would you make it such that pants could be an option? Any alternative pants types/materials you would suggest? How also can I go bare-legged with these boots without looking like a pre-Richard Gere Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? How would lighten the look of these boots? And wear it in a fun, casual wear? How would you make an essentially 'wintry' type boot, suitable for a casual spring or summer look?

Here is what it looks like with pants. Ignore the kooky face which I hid unsuccessfully behind my shades.

Do feel free to make collages, write descriptions and make any kind of suggestions on your own blog if it's too troublesome to answer it all here. Be sure to leave a link and I will link back to your blog in our response post!

We hope you guys will have fun responding to this post♥ We are very nervous about it. Haha. :p


CapuccinoB. said...

ooooooooooh, the second look is great!!! yes i love it! ♥

lots of x, my dear! :)

Kvestelser said...

I'll just leave a comment with links to inspirational pictures and such, 'cause I am really bad with paint and other editing programs ^^

I am thinking that to not make them skanky (was that the word?) I would go for items that provide an androgyn and masculine look.

The boots, I think, will balance the look, and not make it too masc or too fem. Since I am loving Chloe's shorts, I would wear them instead of skirts, which would look like in Pretty Woman. Short or half down the thigh would be ok, I think, but it wouldn't hurt to make them longer either.

Maybe something like this would work:

Another look that the boots might fit into, is this:
With the shirt that is the second one from left, I think that it would work.

Otherwise, I would wear the boots with black leggings, tights (not sheer, I think) with a long, long trenchcoat, much like this stylish lady:

Well, that was fun, and I love the idea! It'll be cool to see how you choose to wear them!


CapuccinoB. said...

new post on my blog! haha
oh you speak chinesse???
wow, how cool!


Hayley said...

Dark, lightweight turtleneck with a tweed or wool pencil skirt, simple silver jewelry, loose waves in the hair to balance the structure of the outfit.

And hose, definitely.

Just discovered the blog and I love it!
- Hayley