Wednesday, January 14

So Sue Me

Here's a beautiful picture of Mollie Sue from ANTM Cycle i-don't-know who was at some ANTM event. She is one of the rare few ANTM models who is savouring some REAL success but very quietly. I heard she scored Vogue somewhere or something. In any case, I am loving her sharp look. Such a quiet anger radiates from that severely cut fringe, the stony eyes and the architectural lipstick. A stunning face, to say the least.

Well we've gotten a few really well-thought out responses to our first HWYWI? post and in our response post which I hope to do up soon, I will try my best to incorporate some of the looks and ideas from all your suggestions. :)

Rachel has been busy with school and I've been busy trying to skive from work. Not a trait I'm proud of but not skiving would mean losing my sanity and since I'm already insane I don't have much to lose actually but well, no one's taking anything from me without asking.

I can't wait to show you my two new purchases. I've not gotten round to figuring out what to do with them yet or how to showcase them yet but it'll happen. Sorry for the lack of posts and for not visiting a lot of your blogs. I will catch up soon!

Love, love, love all around. ♥


TheMinx said...

ahh, I love her. I remember her from ANTM, and I saw her in a small interview for a street style television special. She's super fierce.

(melissa) life . style . dissected said...

yes, i remember her too!

it was the video on that that the Sartorialist did. she was in Paris talking about her fab style and tatoos!

really beautiful, would love to see more of her.