Tuesday, January 6

Making Headway

I am having a terrible migraine at work. I have also recently been itching to try new ways to create/wear hair or head pieces. So, chancing upon this beautiful piece by Hussein Chalayan SS 09, brought great relief to my tired, strained mind as well as some amazing ideas. I wish to heavens I was bold enough to play around with headpieces a little more.

What have you worn in your hair today?


Anonymous said...

aw hui, feel better!! get as much sleep as possible & drink lots of water! and omg - do you dance too?! this is so exciting.

i wish i was bold enough to try bold headpieces too. let's diy a few, carpe diem, & wear 'em for the world to see! i did wear a ribbon in my hair today! :)

La c.

Kvestelser said...

Nothing, as usual! I really need to se more of Chalayan's work, because the headpiece is intreegueing, and the dress is just marvellous!