Friday, January 30

Calling In Slick

I am truly sick of my bangs - they're tickling my face like there's no tomorrow. And yes, I'm still having a terrible day. This old picture captures all the disgruntled-ness I am feeling. Although, I will say I love that little blue-ish green wisp of hair sticking out at the side. It was a pleasant surprise.

I am also debating whether to incorporate by love for Bill Kaulitz on here. We'll see. He's quite the fashion icon. ♥


Anonymous said...

i do love that slightly greenish-bluish hair sticking out too! a disgruntled gorgeousness :)

La C.

Jason said...

hwee hwweee look like monster.

La Couturier said...

ps: hui i would love to know more about your dance background!! :) i was just revisiting a few of your older posts as a rather fun attempt to avoid studying :)

hope you weekend was lovely!

p.s.: how is rachel? i feel like i haven't seen a post from her in a while! :/