Friday, January 30

Je Suis Une Femme Partagée

I've been feeling down recently. You know, those days where you see other things and wish you had them. You see other people and you wish you were them. You see other people and you wish you had them. You see what other people do and you wish you could be doing that to.

Sigh. I shouldn't start on one of those "broken dreams" type of posts. Those are reserved for the more private journals I guess. In any case, I received a little cheer in chancing upon this lovely bag from the lovely Lanvin. It's called the Happy Partage Bag. It's such a delicate pop of colour. Bubblegum pink. It's a colour I don't like to admit that I like, but it seems I do love it very, very much. Like when I saw the Balenciaga Day Bag in bubblegum? An instant desire to shoplift surged through my soul.

Ah well. I look forward to the next up once this down is over!


CapuccinoB. said...

heeeeeeeeeeeey :D

oooh, i love that color also, heeee


Kvestelser said...

Your thoughts are interesting reading, and I like how you are so very pink sometimes! I was also wondering about your HWYWI, and if you could do a post about it?

Merily said...

Beautiful bag, I love the color :)

The Frocker said...

Is the title of this post in reference to Notre Dame de Paris? If so, I'm OBSESSED with that play! :)