Monday, February 23

The Big O

Note: Forgive the pixelated, crappy picure quality of the following photos. They were the only ones I could find.

I have to confess, I only watch award shows for two things - Red carpet arrivals and the musical performances. And whilst I'm religiously following the internet as it religiously follows with Oscar red carpet fashion and award show line-ups, I discover this:

And this, has officially cemented my girl-crush complete admiration and adoration for anything this woman does. Look at her! Just look at her! That swept-back ginger-ish hair, that bold lipstick, that clean face, the incredible sexiness that just drips off her even though every inch of her is covered. In the words of Rachel Zoe, truly, I DIE. I am going to name my daughter Tilda, and heck, if it's a boy I'll call him Swinton.

To ensure there is relevance to the title and to make further inferences to its subtext, I dedicate this photo to Rachel dearest:

I wonder who he's puckering up for then...:p


Rachel said...

i is do like it much-ly very thanks! ♥♥♥

La Couturier said...



La C.

CapuccinoB. said...

ah, i love this men...
and i don't, know, why...
hmmm ;)

Hui, today I'm very exciiiiited
Please, check my blog :D :D


Jei said...

I love that outfit. Drappery, lipstick, & pixie haircuts are to die for.

Btw.. he's puckering for you, baby ;) heheh.

La Couturier said...

Ah, the endless list of must have bags. I really must start a fund for these bags that will be mine ;].

La C.