Friday, February 20

The Daily Apple

Who would have thought, that people could share apple-eating habits. :) La C, you are way too cute, so I realy wouldn't mind if we were twins. At least we'd enjoy apples the way we like them! I'm tartin in Paris? :)

For the past few weeks I've been busy but happy with dance. I've been choreographing an item for a mini dance production at my former university and needless to say I love it. It's stressful sometimes with many different challenges, but this is the kind of stress that is the best kind - because it just disappears. It disappears the minute you throw on that awesome costume, press 'play' and move. To watch the dance slowly take shape and my girls gaining confidence and a sense of the item is one of the best rewards. And I daresay, one of the best rewards in life.

Creation is such a beautiful thing, no?

In celebration of creativity, beauty, wit, fashion and great music, here is another beautiful picture of the devastatingly awesome Shiina Ringo, Japanese artiste extraordinaire.

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