Tuesday, February 10

Raise Your Chains Together

Dear Tom Kaulitz von Tokio Hotel,

If this t-shirt had been from the menswear section, I would have bought this for you immediately and shipped it straight to you in your studio in Hamburg. At least I think you're in Hamburg now, recording and stuff.

In any case, I saw this Givenchy Limit.Ed Oversized Chain Jersey T-Shirt and just saw you rocking out in it. Yes, even with the pink!

With best intentions & warm Königsberger Klopse,

P.S. When are you guys coming down to Singapore?
P.P.S. Tell your brother, the lovely Bill Kaulitz, that I love his nails and that he and I should go shopping for clothes together.
P.P.P.S. When are you guys coming down to Singapore, ever???


life . style . dissected said...

that is a statement maker and a half.

digging the pink & black combo.
hope you gals are having the best week ever.


veronica said...

hope you get your th concert one day. ;]