Wednesday, February 11

A Ring Of Shady Business

Do you like Prada?

Do you like Vivienne Westwood?

Do you like finally having something you've always wanted?

Well, I wonder if you remember me saying in a post a long, long time ago that I had recently made two very exciting purchases. There was a bit of a problem with one of them but it has since been solved (I think). And Rachel and I haven't had time to consolidate our resources for this post. Nevertheless, it is coming soon. And I shall unveil these presents-to-myself, to you all. ♥

Yay for presents! :D


TheMinx said...

oooh, that's so exciting, I can't wait to see! And thank you for your comment, you always say such lovely things.

CapuccinoB. said...

yay yay yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
i can't wait!

(Please Hui, i miss your comments :(