Thursday, April 30


Thanks to all who comforted me about my heartbreak. Thanks also to The Haute-Shopper for your suggestions. I do have some friends who are trying to score me media passes. Although the likelihood is very low for such exclusive and high-demand shows, one can still hope. :) Also, I probably will go and just, stalk the tent on the night of the show, just to soak in the atmosphere and breathe in the air of fashion royalty. Dame Westwood, here I come!

I received this in the email the other night, from an online retailer called It's the Menswear arm of the famous I love and have already made a purchase from there as a gift for a friend. Everything about this site is awesome. Please check it out if you are a girl who loves wearing her boyfriend's clothes and if you are a fan of graphic t-shirts.

Which brings me back to my email. This was a massive ad for new Art Tees and basically, I went crashing into depression as I realised I simply did not have enough money to buy so many of these wonderful designs. But well, my purchase powerlessness aside, I can't help but want to share what an amazing array of T-shirts that have just come in stock. Lust lust lust lust lust...♥

So inspiring. ♥

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