Tuesday, April 28

Broken Hearts

I have missed my ONE AND ONLY chance to catch a Vivienne Westwoodshow. All tickets are sold-out. I am hoping to score some other way of getting to watch the show. I can't believe it. The Queen of Anglomania comes to my little country and I can't participate in it at all. Why oh why oh why? *starts to have a crying fit*

Tears and broken hearts aside. There is a chance for me to attend this:

I would be a fool not to attend it, n'est-ce pas? Especially since tickets are still available and they are ridiculously cheap for a chance to be in the presence of 2 fashion greats, hearing their thoughts and opinions. All of you would murder me I'm sure, if I didn't attend this. And to see Gareth Pugh in the flesh my god. Would I die in his presence? Yes probably. But I would die of a more painful heartbreak if I didn't go.

Here's the most amazing line-up Singapore has ever seen in all its fashion weeks ever:

Christian Lacroix Spring/Summer 2009, Opening Gala (which surprisingly, isn't sold out yet. Should I go to this one too?)

Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2009 (sold out :x)

The Ashley Isham Couture Showcase (sold out :x)

Marc by Marc Jacobs (sold out :x)

Vivienne Westwood AW 09/10 Anglomania (SOLD OUT *heart breaks again and again*)

Who wants to fly over and follow me to the session? It's next Thursday!

Alrighty-then, I'm off to purchase tickets.

I'm still so bummed about Westwood. But, oh well. *sobs* :(

UPDATE: The [insert expletive of choice here] website is a LIAR. A big fat LIAR. It did not say "sold-out", it still let me click on the "Buy Tickets" link and when I did want to buy tickets to the Gareth Pugh info session? It says that it's sorry, because they did not have the tickets available for the number I had requested. I tested it with 1 ticket, I tested it with 2 and I tested it with 9 - I got the same response.

I want to sue the bloody arse of this website, but I think I'm too stupid to properly sue anyone. So I shall just wilt away and hide away on my own personal island of FAIL and cry endlessly about my natural inclination towards failure.


Rachel said...

hey dear hope you're calmer by now... there'll be more shows to come! and you by no means have any tendency towards failure. *hugs*

we DID just see costumes by Lacroix :D

The Haute-Shopper said...

Ugh what a bummer. Is there any way you can win tickets for this or get an invite as 'press'? Otherwise there still might be a chance if you show up on the day you could get in, because not everyone will show up? I can totally understand how you feel - when I lived in Hong Kong I felt that no big names ever came to the country...

La Couturier said...

Awww! =[

Stupid website!!!

There will be other chances to see dearest Westwood!

La C.