Tuesday, April 14

Do I Dazzle You?

I apologise for the Twilight reference in the title. For some reason my Twilight fever has returned so it's sort of invading all my thoughts at the moment.

You know, I love dark things. Dark chocolate, dark eyemakeup, dark hair, dark songs, dark dances, dark lights (yes, they do exist) and dark colours of course. But there is this part of me, and I'm sure my blogtwin La Couturier can testify to this, that goes insane over anything, pink, sparkly and even flowery. And you must know, I hate flowers in real life. Fresh ones in particular. *shivers*

So it is perfectly believable that I would go nuts for Judith Leiber. I have harboured a secret crush for her products for a long time. I have seen a few pieces of hers in real life at some super duper uber posh stores in Singapore and they are absolutely stunning. Her clutches and pill boxes are so tremendously adorable in size and shape. So when encrusted in rainbowed patterns of delightful crystals, you can imagine the insanity that goes through my body.

I will say though, that I picked this particular piece, Dolphin, to prove just one other point about my love for her products. It's not just the sparkles and the cuteness and the overwhelming prettiness. What I really admire actually, is the way she incorporates these beautiful fluid shapes into functional clutches or pill boxes. If you browse through her collections, you will see how innovative and how personable each piece is. They all feel so specially made, almost as if they had some kind of backstory. Those shaped like fruits feel as though they did grow from tiny little seeds (Swarovski encrusted seeds, of course). Those shaped like animals or symbols like hearts and what-not, do really feel like they have a living spirit in them.

Do they dazzle me? Oh yes indeed. But it's a dazzling that far surpasses the crystals that in actual fact, only serve to refract light. A beautiful refraction, of course, but refraction nonetheless. It's the type of dazzle that doesn't require light, that really captures your heart.

Bella would have known exactly what I was talking about. :)


La Couturier said...

I can testify, all right!

Oh gosh. Another thing in common we share!! I have been in love with Judith Leiber's trinkets ever since I saw it a magazine! *drools at sparkle factor*

Imagine us carrying one at some fancy schmancy cocktail party one day. Oh gosh. *dies* I love the Dolphin & Leopard - two of my favorite animals, too, actually!

Love from the blogtwin,
La C.

CapuccinoB. said...

That Dolphin is so old school!